Jun 04, 2018

Aspera SmartTrack increases SAM productivity with unlimited, shareable report dashboards

New version 4.3.2 also protects data with deeper user permissions and full GDPR compliance

Aachen, Germany; June 4, 2018 – Aspera, the leading provider of Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions and services, today announced new reporting features and GDPR protection in the latest release of their SmartTrack platform. Version 4.3.2 lets each user create multiple dashboards with their own sets of KPIs and graphs, and share those dashboards with coworkers, enabling everyone to shift between critical reporting views and provide targeted business analytics to decision makers.

The improved dashboard features tie into the flexibility of SmartTrack’s detailed permissions for users, and its protection of customer data for GDPR compliance, as Aspera continues to meet the growing security needs of its global customers in License management.

Features for SmartTrack reporting include:

  • No limit to dashboards. Each user can create an unlimited number of dashboards, which lets them monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and statistics relevant to a set of SAM tasks.
  • Share with or without limits. A dashboard can be shared between users, with detailed permissions to configure different usage scenarios, from an unrestricted collaborative mode to read-only access.
  • Customize each dashboard. Create dashboard widgets that report what is critical, such as “Is my Microsoft compliance on target?” or “What is the status of our Office 365 implementation?”

Features for GDPR and SmartTrack permissions include:

  • Flexible but controlled permissions. The SAM admin can decide what a user sees for the SmartTrack dashboard, menu, and data, such as only Microsoft contracts instead of all vendor contracts.
  • Permissions are GDPR compliant. SmartTrack masks the sensitive data of each user—such as name, email, login and import ID—so it’s as restrictive as is needed.
  • Privacy by design and default. All features work with the least amount of personal data required, and additional processing is only added if there is an active opt-in.

"For several years, the SmartTrack dashboard has provided users with complete control over data quality, with key metrics at a glance”, comments Judy Feuerbach, Head of Product Management. “With the new release, as a system administrator, you now have full control over dashboard administration. Distribute dashboards to your colleagues and set appropriate permissions to allow or prevent subsequent changes to the dashboard by the user.”

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