Jul 07, 2015

Together, Aspera and SecurIntegration create a strong portfolio for SAP license management

USU Group acquires SecurIntegration for expert SAP license optimization.

Aachen/Cologne, Germany - 7th July 2015 - USU Software AG has acquired SecurIntegration GmbH, an SAP license optimization specialist based in Cologne, Germany. The technology and expertise of SecurIntegration complement the solutions from USU Group affiliate Aspera, a leading provider in Software Asset Management.

Olaf Diehl, Managing Director of Aspera GmbH, looks forward to the closer cooperation. “Aspera cordially welcomes the team from SecurIntegration at USU group. With our united expertise and technology, SecurIntegration and Aspera offer their customers full-blown optimization for their whole software portfolio, including their SAP licenses. This way, our customers are enabled to permanently cut their costs.”
With the merger, which is retroactive to 1 January 2015, the companies will deliver powerful SAM solutions from one source to their national and international customers. In addition, Aspera enhances their consulting portfolio for SAP and gains an important component for optimizing overall software budgets. Aspera and SecurIntegration are already effective partners as they have closely cooperated on a technical basis for years.

Guido Schneider, Managing Director of SecurIntegration GmbH, considers the association to be ideal: “I am glad that we can offer our customers an ideal supplement to our product in the future. This association strengthens SecurIntegration in a couple of areas, thus empowering us to serve international markets and helping us grow further.”

Both technology systems, SmartTrack and Software-License-Compliance (SLC), will grow more closely connected while still being available as stand-alone solutions. Aspera’s internationally established SmartTrack is predominantly used by large and complex organizations for Strategic License Management, and manages SAP licenses by offering all the functionality to create a simple license balance. SecurIntegration’s modern SLC specializes in expert SAP analytics and optimization, adding substantial features and directly interacting with SAP technology. Customers worldwide will now benefit from the integrated technologies as well as enhanced, seamless consulting through a wide range of license management topics.

Dr. Benjamin Strehl, Management Board Member for USU Software AG, feels the merger is the beginning of new growth. “The acquisition of SecurIntegration represents an ideal addition to our business model, especially in the competence area of software asset management. The positive development of the company in this dynamic, growing market segment lead us to extend the long-lasting successful cooperation between Aspera and SecurIntegration on a new basis. At the same time, this acquisition prepares the ground for further, international growth.”

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