Save on your Salesforce licensing with License Control for Salesforce

License Control for Salesforce

See your cloud usage clearly

Salesforce License Management

Get full visibility into your company-wide cloud usage, savings, and cost-optimizing options

Now SAM managers can evaluate Salesforce Orgs to reduce costs. With full, centralized visibility into every usage and all accounts, License Control for Salesforce is the first solution to enable cross-Org transparency and cost optimization.

Get on-demand reports and an immediate overview of all Salesforce Orgs, accounts, usage, costs, and potential savings. Our Salesforce licensing solution will change the way you manage your cloud spend.

Salesforce license management solution free trial
Free trial License Control for Salesforce

Plan for optimizing your cloud costs

You need more than just dashboards to save money. License Control for Salesforce eliminates the information silos so you can:

  • Prepare for renewals with Salesforce
  • Negotiate better with a centralized view of all accounts
  • Reduce spend and optimize user accounts across multiple Orgs
  • Ensure ongoing cost savings with continuous analysis of inactive users
  • Unsubscribe users in order to minimize data loss

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Salesforce license management solution free trial

Control your Cloud Spend with License Control for Salesforce

Salesforce license management – overview, optimization, insights

Save across the entire Force platform

If your company uses Salesforce or third-party vendors like Veeva, then License Control for Salesforce helps you save time and costs.

Already thinking about what comes next?

So are we. License Control for Salesforce will automate your account deactivation process in the future to ensure continuous cost optimization in the cloud.

Put our cloud expertise to work for you

The Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce gives a full view of your cloud spending and shows you where to save.

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Save on your Salesforce licensing with Salesforce license management

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