SAP License Management

License Control for SAP® Software

Advanced SAP analytics that change the game

SAP License Management

Smart moves that go beyond compliance

SAP License Management

License Control for SAP® Software ensures that your company pays only for the licenses you need. At its heart are the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the Software Asset Management (SAM) industry.

The solution optimizes the most cost-effective licenses while ensuring compliance with SAP’s LAW measurements. With SAP license management, you change the SAP game.

10% is now a 6-digit number

If you’re managing SAM for an enterprise-level company, you typically spend millions of dollars on SAP licenses each year. Saving 10% — the average cost reduction we see with SAP license management— is a six-digit figure annually.

Instant ROI with SmartTrack's license control for SAP

How do you save? By optimizing your licenses with SAP license management, you will uncover this 10% or higher of potential savings. The results show up over your current 3 month cycle. The next quarterly report from SAP's License Administration Workbench (LAW) will show more efficient usage - and lowered costs - for company-wide SAP licenses.

Does the LAW show different results than yours? It's a common story, unfortunately. License Control gives you strong data and a full license history to negotiate with SAP. Need help with your positioning? Talk to our SAP license management experts

How it works: Find your true SAP license needs

For enterprise-level companies, the SAP landscape changes daily, even hourly. New employees go in and out, and their roles shift along with market conditions and the company’s organization. A huge network of SAP systems and user accounts is constantly reconfigured.

With SAP license management, your organization can automatically assign (and reassign) the most cost-effective licenses. The solution streamlines every SAP user account, identifies the true activity of each user and engine, and assigns the best type from your existing license portfolio.

License Control has advanced analytics that realistically compare your actual software usage against the licenses that you have already purchased. Even better, it runs one-click simulations that consider new or different license types which may not be in your portfolio but are less expensive options. Key features include:

Improve SAP Optimization

Assigns the least costly license type for named users, avoiding SAP’s automatic overuse of the expensive Professional User license.

Measure engine licenses

Ensures that each engine is accurately measured, no matter how complicated it is, by linking and updating SAP’s ever-changing metrics.

Find risk of indirect accessAnalyzes all applications that exchange data with SAP to fully assess the risks involved, get compliant and avoid financial penalties from SAP.
Stay compliant with LAW
Runs your usage results against SAP’s mandatory LAW measurements to always stay compliant with your contract terms.
Save results in one click The optimized and simulated results are written back into each SAP system, in just a click, for the next time you run the LAW.
Reduce artificial demandIdentifies and removes duplicate or inactive accounts to reduce an inflated demand for licenses.
Evaluate special licenses

Analyzes specially-negotiated license types to see if they can replace more expensive standard licenses.

Store full license history

Saves records of SAP usage for as long as you need so you have quality data for negotiations in the event of a SAP license audit.

SmartTrack is seamless for Strategic SAM

License Control for SAP integrates directly into Aspera SmartTrack, our industry-leading platform for full-featured License Management. Once License Control does its deep detective work for SAP, its built-in connection can easily send the SAP data to SmartTrack.

The SmartTrack platform consolidates the SAP data with all other vendor data, then checks it against the SAP licensing rules and metrics in SmartTrack’s product catalog. Together, SmartTrack and License Control for SAP seamlessly manage your software licenses across all vendors.

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