Software license optimization & simulation

SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation

The breakthrough solution for deep savings in the data center

SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation

One Giant Leap for SAM-kind

In its simplest form, license management matches a company's software usage to the licenses owned, showing whether you are over- or under-licensed. SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation changes all of this. With this breakthrough solution, your IT team and stakeholders can assess wide-ranging infrastructure and architecture issues before technical decisions and software investments are made.

Optimization & Simulation goes deepest where the best savings are — in the data center — to endlessly simulate licensing possibilities for your server topologies, virtualization, hybrid, and cloud environments. Take your SAM to a new level of sophistication, all in real time and on-demand.

SmartTrack license optimization

SmartTrack Optimization

Find your hidden SAM treasures

The Optimization capabilities give a fluid picture of license ownership and options across your entire software estate. View your complete license options to make informed, strategic decisions that reduce annual software spend.

Get the biggest benefit out of existing software assets, and find the best licensing options for specific situations. You will change your static compliance view into a treasure chest of options.

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SmartTrack license simulation

SmartTrack Simulation

Step into the future of software asset management forecasting

Every SAM team talks about cost savings and cost avoidance. SmartTrack Simulation delivers it. The new Simulation capabilities are a breakthrough in financial forecasting, enabling your company to stage potential server architectures that will maximize cost savings.

Add, delete and move databases between different server topologies in a sandbox — with no impact on the live systems — to quickly find deep savings potential. Now you can make informed decisions about major purchasing, budget and infrastructure which have long-term cost effects.

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