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SmartTrack Optimization

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Your IT infrastructure changes constantly. Licenses and agreements are adjustable but not flexible, and always under the fear of compliance costs. How do you know which licenses you truly need?

With the Optimization capabilities of SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation, you can analyze how your ever-changing IT affects the demand for licenses. View options across your entire software estate to make informed, strategic decisions that reduce annual software spend.


Take optimizing licenses to an advanced level

Our Optimization picks up where other technologies leave off. The solution analyzes endless options to find great cost savings and efficiency across all of your license usage. SmartTrack Optimization keeps a constant eye on the cost-benefit analysis, providing a high level of information about server management and dynamic data centers.

Use the Demand Optimization tool for a deep, strategic analysis of your infrastructure, including virtualization layers and hardware properties. Use the License Optimization tool to actively reduce underlicensing in your software balance and ensure compliance.

Key benefits of the Optimization include:

Determine your needs

Calculate the minimum license needs for your technical server, virtual server or cluster infrastructure.

Use the right licenses

Cover your needs with the licenses available. Select the most cost-effective licensing model from your pool instead of the first license that comes along.

Become agile and flexibleInstead of static compliance reports, get a dynamic view of licenses, contract options and budgets that you can change at any time.
Stop expensive installationsIdentify and eliminate unnecessary investments by comparing the license costs of specific installations with the average license costs of all installations.
One-click cost comparison

Find great potential savings with one-click comparisons of what different license models will cost.

Smart buying decisions

Make strategic decisions for software procurement by identifying the best licensing options to purchase.

Defend in an audit

Improve your compliance position in an audit by knowing the available licenses you own and their optimized distribution.