SmartCollect Inventory for
Data Center & Desktops

Turn your discovery data into SAM strategy

Conquer the complexity of Software Asset Management inventory

The Aspera SmartCollect inventory tool ensures that you get the right information for IT Asset Management. It runs a clean, complete discovery of data from any device, and can do both agent-based and agentless data collection.

SmartCollect is a powerful tool for gathering the data needed to calculate your software usage, while reducing manual work. It provides ultimate visibility into your IT environment which leads to reduced costs in Software Asset Management (SAM).

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True discovery is a box of silver bullets

Other SAM vendors start with an inventory tool that promises to solve all your IT asset problems and is marketed as a “must-buy” part of the SAM package. But there are hundreds of discovery products, and no single tool or “silver bullet” that does everything.

At Aspera, we work the opposite way. We provide a full-featured SAM platform and advise you on the process for your specific situation, including whether you need a new inventory tool.

Our goal is to arm you with a box of silver bullets for a best-in-class SAM solution that exactly fits your needs! When you need a tool to close your data gaps, SmartCollect ensures you’re fully equipped for discovery and inventory.


Works with Linux, Unix, Windows, and vendor platforms including IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Dive deep into discovery

Finds every important detail about relationships and dependencies for servers, clusters and virtualization.

Agent or agentless options

The choice is yours! Does either agent-based and agentless collection, or a combination of both.

We mind the (data) gap for you

If you work for a large company, it’s likely that you already have discovery in place. Typically, our customers have 80% of the inventory tools needed, such as deployment tools, discovery tools, and executable scripts. But some of the key data for license management is missing.

You need the right discovery approach to fill that 20% data gap. SmartCollect works alongside what you already have to pull that valuable data from your devices and data sources.

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Seamless with SmartTrack

SmartCollect gathers all data needed for license management. Then our SmartTrack SAM platform takes over to calculate your true license demand.

Works with all data sources

SmartCollect brings in every important detail from servers, virtualization, cloud, desktops,
and related assets.

Secure and reliable data

SmartCollect’s data collection process has been expertly field-tested in very large organizations for close to a decade.

Perfectly paired for SmartTrack

SmartCollect is a powerful companion for the Aspera SmartTrack platform. Both tools are designed for enterprises with large data centers, complex or hybrid architectures, and highly virtualized environments.

We work hard to maintain a very high recognition and easy integration. SmartTrack’s system connector ensures that SmartCollect works immediately with the SAM platform.

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The difference between saving and spending

SmartCollect is built to be flexible because today’s IT environment is constantly changing.
Here’s an overview of the deeper capabilities and their benefits to you:

  • Reduce costs.
    See where to cut costs with server data and usage metering information such as CPU, RAM and disk usage
  • Plan your capacity.
    See high watermarks, usage averages and peaks for a given period of time to monitor sub-capacity and capping.
  • Dive deep and consolidate.
    Detect CPU-bounding — as just one example — to decide which and how servers can be consolidated.
  • Stay flexible.
    Use both agent and agentless connections to deliver complementary results for optimal coverage.
  • Get secure.
    Ensure increased security by using agents as a single point of connection to the central server.
  • Stay secure.
    Get maximum security and minimum network complexity with mono-directional and encrypted connections.
  • Enable SAM.
    Gather all data on installed software including processes, executables, add/remove lists, and usage.
  • Enable SAM more.
    Gather advanced configuration data about IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft data center software.
  • Complete desktop coverage.
    A light-weight agent for desktops, laptops and mobile devices that cover OSs such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.
  • Complete data center coverage.
    Don’t miss a thing on server OS such as HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Linux, Windows and virtualization such as VMWare, HyperV, Oracle VM, LPAR, HP Integrity, and Solaris Zones.

Complete your SAM Toolbox


The strategic platform for simplifying complex SAM challenges. Identify up to 30% savings in software licenses, and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

SmartTrack Optimization & Simulation

The breakthrough SAM simulation for deep savings in the data center. Find hard-cost savings by analyzing all your licensing and usage options.


The ideal integration tool, offering almost unlimited ways to connect your processes. Increase automation and efficiency — wherever your process touches SAM.

SmartTrack Financial Management

Fast, accurate answers for software budget and planning. Improve your software financials by tracking and forecasting contract utilization and compliance costs.

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