Aspera SmartTrack - Compliance and cost savings

Aspera SmartTrack

The strategic solution for complex license challenges

License Compliance & Cost Savings

SmartTrack’s complete analysis of company-wide licenses makes it easy to control your audit risk and software costs

SmartTrack is a 100% web-based platform that delivers unrivaled license compliance. It is designed for the needs of large organizations and complex IT landscapes, delivering a fully scalable solution that is reliable, secure, and unbeatably cost-effective. Now you can manage client, server, virtual, and cloud software using a single solution.

Aspera SmartTrack is your solution for every IT environment, including Data Center, Virtual, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, and Mainframe
Full ROI in one year or less

Get full ROI in the first year

SmartTrack provides important insights for compliance and savings, saving you up to 30% in licensing costs in under 12 months. In the first year of using SmartTrack, your company will realize a full return on their investment.

Depending on the company’s size and level of investment, most companies see a 20-30% reduction in software license expenses. In fact, many customers achieve an ROI of 300% over a 3-year timeframe.

Aspera SmartTrack
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The SAM tool that exceeds your expectations

Track 600,000+ entitlements automatically

SmartTrack ships with automatic tracking of over 600,000 product use rights from every essential vendor, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Adobe, and VMware.

Built-in integration for 40+ systems

SmartTrack fully integrates with over 40 popular discovery and end-point management systems, including ServiceNow, Altiris, BMC, HP, ILMT, SCCM, and VMWare. Learn more

Discovery agnostic, results focusedSmartTrack works seamlessly with the data from the discovery, inventory, and device management systems that you’re already running… because one source tool isn’t enough. 
Full picture of your software estateSmartTrack identifies and normalizes your licensable software by recognizing each unique software product and its most current licensing term. Learn more
Integrated product catalog

SmartTrack is the only SAM solution with a fully integrated product database as a centralized and automated source for all of your license data. Learn more

Instantly know the licenses you need

SmartTrack’s Metric Engine technology compares the licenses you own to the software you actually use, to decide exactly the licenses you really need. Learn more

KPIs for daily reports

SmartTrack easily measures your day-to-day license activities with 13 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are built into the dashboard.

100% online, 100% secureSmartTrack operates through your local web browser, with no installation on the user side, while still providing complete security and access control.
Clean UI, efficient workflowSmartTrack’s intuitive interface is built for efficiency, with forms that are simple to manage, a dashboard that customizes for your role, and Favorites for a faster workflow.
Alerts and reports keep you informed

SmartTrack updates you through the license lifecycle with automatic alerts, configurable reports, and notification for key milestone dates, such as license agreements expiring or maintenance periods ending.