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SmartTrack Plug-in

Engineering Plug-in

Mechanical & Production Engineering Software Plug-in

This SmartTrack plug-in monitors the usage of floating licenses, helping you to manage their cost and compliance.

Production equipment

Analyze licenses to identify savings

When managing licenses for engineering applications, your company faces significant challenges with special license models.

Our Engineering Plug-in for SmartTrack solves this problem. It monitors floating licenses that are allocated by license servers, and analyzes their usage to uncover substantial savings potential.

Plan your licenses and avoid shortages

Our SmartTrack Engineering Plug-in offers a concise overview of all engineering licenses and their usage.

Accurately track each model

Correctly handles each publisher’s distinct license model to achieve compliance.

Manage your inventory

Manages the license inventory to ensure the number of required licenses are always available.

Uncover savings potentialOver- and under-licensing can be eliminated, while maintenance agreements are trimmed to reflect actual demand.
Calculate how to distributeTotal license costs can be calculated based on users to distribute centrally maintained licenses fairly across the company.


Why are engineering licenses so complicated?

Software for mechanical or production engineering has license models that require special handling. Many users at different workstations can share the usage right for a single product or installation. Server licenses monitor the number of concurrent users.

These floating license models offer flexibility. But if your company exceeds the agreed number of concurrent users, then new users are denied access to the software until a “space” becomes open. This can hinder productivity and often leads companies to purchase more licenses than are necessary. That’s where the SmartTrack Engineering Plug-in comes in.