Aspera SmartTrack

The strategic solution for complex license challenges

License Management Tool

SmartTrack reveals where you’re over-licensed, under-licensed or incorrectly licensed, with fast access to your license demand

SmartTrack License Management

Aspera SmartTrack gives your company a fresh, actionable perspective on software assets, license position and future investments. Our industry-leading SAM solution helps you to evaluate audit risks and savings potential, so you can put compliance procedures into place. It’s the difference between saving and spending.

Inventory: Throw away your spreadsheets

When licenses and entitlements are tracked in spreadsheets and unconnected tools, the risk of compliance errors is high. Aspera SmartTrack replaces all of that labor-intensive work — and the errors that come with it — with a couple of mouse clicks.

SmartTrack identifies all the licensable software and normalizes their records. You get easy, automatic access to software asset data that is centralized in one system. Then the platform analyzes exactly which licenses are needed to cover every software product, installation and device.

Now SAM managers get a full, accurate picture of what software the company is using and on which devices — all without your manual effort.

SmartTrack by the numbers - Over 80% out-of-box recognition of software inventory, over 90% out-of-box match of inventory to licenses, over 50% reduction in audit response time

Contracts: The big picture + the small details

Say goodbye to missed contract clauses, and the risks that go with them. With SmartTrack, you can easily manage any type of IT volume agreement and multi-layered contract conditions.

SmartTrack keeps track of all volume software license agreements through easy-to-use features. The platform records the contract details that are relevant for license compliance, and consolidates this contract information with your license data.

It intelligently monitors maintenance and support costs, and proactively reports on essential milestones such as contract renewals and expirations. You get quality assurance that considers the big picture while taking care of the small stuff.

Control Your Contracts
Financial planning for costs, cash flow and amortization Automatic alerts for key milestone dates Avoid duplicate licensing contracts
Electronic archiving of contract documents Integration with third-party CMS Manage payments through versioning and approvals

Re-harvesting automation

SmartTrack’s powerful re-harvesting feature is now fully automated. The platform monitors how long software has been underused or unused, so you can make decisions about those licenses and automatically trigger an uninstallation. You save time with automation, and save money by avoiding new license purchases.

Use the Re-harvesting menu to set up campaigns that monitor how long software has been installed but not used. Once your predefined period of inactivity is reached, SmartTrack takes action. It emails the user about a pending uninstallation to give the opportunity to use the software, or directly notifies the deployment system to remove that installation.

SmartTrack dashboard: Brains, brawn and beauty

SmartTrack has user-friendly features such as intuitive menus, easy-to-create forms, a Search field, and time-saving Favorites. Get an especially big “dash” of performance with SmartTrack’s role-based dashboard. Its charts and graphs report important statistics at a glance and navigate directly to areas that require action.

The dashboard widgets can be customized to each employee’s role, and display all reports that are critical for you. For instance, “Is my Oracle compliance on target?” or “What is the status of our Office 365 implementation?” You can easily track the highest audit risks, the most expensive licenses, the most important publishers, and the largest contracts.

License management dashboard

A-Model for SAM: Instant analysis with KPIs

Compliance is at the core of License Management. But the quality of your compliance report depends on the quality of the data it is built upon. SmartTrack calculates and verifies your license data at each compliance level.

SmartTrack has built-in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that show the day-to-day analysis, as well as trends over time. Its A-Model dashboard gives you a high-level interactive view of the data flow. Click on the red, green, and yellow benchmarks for a “traffic light” depiction of key license activity and executive-level reporting.