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Aspera Portfolio for Software Asset Management Tools

Software Asset Management tools help you shape and strategize the shift between traditional on-premises licensing and optimizing SaaS and cloud costs. You decide where to start: A portfolio of products that work together or apart.

Your business is empowered to make better software licensing decisions that lower your costs. Gather the data you need, set a solid foundation of licenses, and find the most cost effective purchases with our tools for Software Asset Management.

SmartTrack Plattform

Aspera SmartTrack is the Software Asset Management technology for large enterprises, calculating exactly the software licenses you need for compliance and up to 30% savings.

  • Manage licenses for servers, desktops, cloud, and mobile
  • Track all essential software vendors in a centralized system
  • Ensure compliance and defend against software license audits
  • Manage any type of volume agreement and multi-layered contract conditions
  • Simulate and compare different server and licensing scenarios for strategic IT forecasting

LicenseControl for Data Center

LicenseControl for Data Center runs advanced analytics for the most important server vendors to optimize and control your licenses, contracts, and costs.

  • Control and optimize the licenses for your biggest server vendors
  • Reporting tools that find the lowest, fairest price you can pay
  • Active handling of license options, versions, and account types
  • Hit the sweet spot for only the maintenance that you need
  • Strengthen your vendor contract negotiations with trusted data and compliance

LicenseControl for Cloud

LicenseControl for Cloud helps your company to understand, predict and control cloud service costs. Understand your Cloud usage at any point in time.

  • Control and choose the best cloud licensing models for your business
  • Monitor storage and account costs with overview of cloud usage
  • Know how much server space you need for capacity management
  • Automatically re-harvest inactive accounts to avoid new purchases
  • Know your usage to negotiate cost reductions during service renewals

SmartCollect Inventory

SmartCollect tools gather all the data needed for SAM. Get complete discovery of software assets and license usage for every server, virtual machine, cloud service, and client device.

  • Gather data to calculate usage on-premises and in the cloud
  • Inventory your entire data center, including all servers and virtual machines
  • Get consumption data about all cloud and hybrid services
  • Run agent or agentless collection, or a combination of both
  • Close data gaps by connecting to hundreds of data sources across your company

Gartner Peer Insights

Aspera ranks in top “Customer Choice Zone” for Gartner Peer Insights

We’re proud to announce that Aspera has landed in the highly competitive upper right “Customer Choice Zone” for the Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer” SAM Tools Customers’ Choice quadrant. Here’s what our customers have to say about working with Aspera…

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Achieve these benefits with Software Asset Management:

Up to 30% savings in licensing & subscription costs

Save time and avoid risk with automation

Scale & integrate into existing IT environment

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