Cloud Cost Management Whitepaper:
Salesforce & the SaaS Cost Explosion

Your way to SaaS cost optimization

Software as a service (SaaS) is quickly becoming the only way to access your most important software applications. This change benefits customers significantly because they can take advantage of a flexible spend subscription model and get the complete package – hardware, software, and service! It couldn’t be easier!

But organizations are in for a shock once they start looking at their overall SaaS spend and compare it to their actual usage. What at the start appeared to be an easy and inexpensive business solution, is suddenly revealed to be a hard-to-control budget buster. The contract terms are more difficult and more inflexible than advertised, and customers are left wondering whether their clouds only bring storms instead of silver linings.

Yet despite this, the “SaaS Spend Surprise” hasn’t arrived at the C-level yet. Organizations are still happily spending on SaaS products without developing ways to track their real usage needs and maximize their available licenses.

This white paper will take a deep dive into the SaaS spend challenge based on real experiences with Salesforce. We’ll look at how the spend surprise might occur in your own organization, and then discuss the steps you can take to take control of your SaaS spend.

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