Automotive supplier creates a global quality standard for SAP license data

LicenseControl for SAP from Aspera

This global supplier to the automotive industry strives to use the best and most effective standards in the industry – including license management. The group is a long-standing client and partner of SAP. Over the years, the company expanded its SAP estate before it decided to consolidate its SAP license agreements worldwide. The goal: raise the data quality across all regions to a uniform standard, and prepare for an audit SAP had announced for 2018.

LAW SAP Named User License Data unusable

Previously, this global player had relied on LAW, USSM and Excel to measure its system until the group’s license managers realized that the LAW results were uninterpretable and thus unusable. Each of the eight regions was administering its own SAP systems – with outdated release versions in some cases – using different standards and their own tables to perform the evaluations. Thus, for example there were up to four different license IDs for the same Development User.

SAP itself had no quick solution to the problem. Rather than negotiate new contracts based on possibly faulty assumptions about the correct allocation of Named User Licenses, the company decided to get its license situation under control and check the LAW results using an automated SAP license tool.

Won over by Aspera’s proof of concept

Since 2013, the German based company has been a client of Aspera’s and a satisfied user of the SAM platform SmartTrack. In a proof of concept between leading providers in SAP license management, Aspera again won out with its tool LicenseControl for SAP. The platform consolidates, simulates, and optimizes all the client’s SAP usage data in detail - for SAP Named Users, indirect access, SAP engines, SAP 4/HANA and all SAP cloud products. This arms the customer with reliable data and its own consolidation proposal for the upcoming audit.

Transparency into regional differences

In just six months, LicenseControl for SAP enabled the company to link up and analyze around 200 SAP systems. It now has transparency across the license situations of all eight regions. Every region can now load and simulate new/current data and get an automatic picture of its up-to-date, optimized license needs at any time. They can also determine the quality of their data and see which improvements have been made. Although the process is still ongoing, stakeholders in all regions are excited about what’s been achieved.

SAP Named User costs reduced by 10%

By establishing data quality rules and standardizing all license IDs globally, Aspera’s SAP specialists were able to reduce Named User costs. The new data was loaded into all the regional systems in mid-November. The project exceeded expectations regarding cost savings and ROI objectives. Since then, regular license optimization has resulted in savings of around 10% - and higher data quality translates directly to greater cost savings.

License management is often seen as an exotic discipline in the IT world - quite wrongly. Anyone who has gained complete transparency of their licenses for the first time knows just how invaluable it is for all areas of IT. Aspera’s SAP specialists have an understanding and instinct for client needs that is unique in the industry.

Head of IT-Purchasing and - Controlling, License Management

Regular reporting instead of measurement for its own sake

In cooperation with the CIO, the LicenseControl for SAP project became a global IT project. But the SAP-Basis and SAP-Administration levels still needed convincing. Global stakeholders were brought into the project and met regularly to learn about the project's benefits.

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Next steps

Avoid the risks of indirect access: LicenseControl for SAP is able to show every instance of indirect access and all relevant information. As soon as the data for all regions is available, the company is planning a legal check of SAP generated data, based on the results from LicenseControl.

Simulate new products in LicenseControl for SAP: The issue of which new license ID, client-specific license types should ideally have led to a completely new challenge. The plan is that in the future, LicenseControl for SAP will also be used for simulating new products.

Save costs with Aspera’s Managed Services: Instead of spending more on full-time license managers, the company will take advantage of Aspera’s Managed Services to save money and have access to cutting-edge tools and expertise.