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7% Savings Before the Audit:

Identifying unused licenses for Public Roads Operator Koezút

Only one year after Koezút implemented SAP, the vendor announced the first software license audit. Koezút needed to prepare for the audit quickly, but they were doing Software Asset Management with spreadsheets, and company management assumed that they were over-licensed.

No time for a tool. Do a Rapid Vendor Analysis instead.

To prepare for the audit, Koezút chose Aspera’s Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP® Software. For this service, Aspera’s SAM and vendor experts analyze the current contracts and license balance. The goal was to gain an overview of Koezút’s SAP Named and Professional User licenses and to strengthen their negotiating position – without having to install a SAM tool.

The Rapid Vendor Analysis gave Koezút quick results that were customized to their specific needs, and access to SAP licensing specialists to prepare for the audit.

Our assumption that we would be able to save a considerable amount of money for SAP licenses was right. Aspera’s analysis and service certainly can be an “eye-opener” for other companies as well. Doing the analysis one year after starting with SAP was a big advantage because we benefited from high data quality.

Tibor Nemes-Nagy, General Manager and CEO, PLC Magyar Koezút

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SAP compliance and negotiation support

Rapid Vendor Analysis compares existing SAP license types with a simulation of recommended license types. Then, an SAP Consultant from Aspera discussed the results with Koezút. When SAP offered a huge package of licensing models, the company was in a position to make their own suggestions, and to reduce license costs by 7%. With help from Aspera, the agency used the SAP audit to their own financial advantage. The whole project was supported by Aspera’s partner LicenseCore in Hungary.

LicenseCore is one of the key players for Software Asset Management services in the Hungarian market. Services include one-time and regular license compliance evaluation, vendor audit defense and strategic SAM solution deployments. LicenseCore’s consultants offer more than 10 years of deep-insights and expertise in SAM and have previously worked for the key vendors, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle.

Easy Savings with Rapid Vendor Analysis

  • Ease of use, easy data transfer
  • Clear overview of SAP spending and compliance position
  • No strings attached, a perfect introduction to strategic SAM
  • No tool to install, integrate, or maintain

Easy Support from Aspera Consulting

  • Deep understanding of the customer’s needs
  • Experts in SAP’s licensing rules
  • High responsiveness and flexibility
  • Negotiation strategy support
  • Efficient project handling within the planned budget

Next steps: Full-featured SAM for ongoing savings at Koezút

In 2018, Koezút intends to purchase both, LicenseControl for SAP® Software and SmartTrack, to guarantee continuous control of SAP spending. The company also plans to add further vendors to its new Software Asset Management program.

How many unused licenses are in your company?

Find out, and stop paying for licenses you don’t need! With Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP, get an analysis of your SAP license balance without installing a tool.

How much can you save?

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Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP

Our expert team optimizes your SAP licenses to ensure compliance and find savings. You get quick results that are customized to meet your needs.

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LicenseControl for SAP

LicenseControl for SAP analyzes and optimizes your SAP licenses. This way your company pays only for the licenses you need.

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Aspera SmartTrack

The strategic platform for simplifying complex SAM challenges. Identify up to 30% savings in software licenses, and reveal high-risk compliance gaps.

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