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Business Aligned SAM

Engage stakeholders and supercharge your SAM project

Engaging stakeholders is the key to a successful Software Asset Management strategy. In this white paper, you will learn how to build relationships and secure the stakeholders’ support, as well as how to keep them engaged in the long-term process.

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Eight Challenges in SAP License Management

... and how you can meet them!

SAP has always left it up to customers to allocate SAP user licenses in accordance with the details of their individual contracts. Vague documentation on what users can and cannot do with the various license types does not make this process any easier.

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2016 Aspera Market Study: Global Practices of Strategic SAM

Insights from over 400 SAM professionals

Learn how SAM is done around the globe and what to pay attention to on your own journey to SAM maturity. The 2016 Aspera Market Study analyzes the results of a survey conducted with over 400 SAM professionals that assessed their approach to SAM, the scope of their projects, what obstacles they faced and their goals for SAM. 

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CIO QuickPulse: Putting Software Licenses to Work

Moving beyond Inventory Management to Advanced License Optimization

Based on a recent survey by IDG Services of IT professionals, large enterprises are well aware of the importance of software license management. This white paper examines how companies currently approach software asset management (SAM) and explores how they can reap the benefits of a more engaged, proactive, strategic approach to license management.

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Strategic SAM Simplified

Building the Business Case for Software Asset Management

Insights on Achieving Compliance and Savings to Gain Executive Buy-in

This white paper will explain in great detail how a strategic approach to Software Asset Management provides transparency, clarity and control of existing assets, achieves compliance, and minimizes exponential spend--ultimately making the business case for why investing in a future-proof SAM program should be financial priority #1.

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Audit Defense: Level the Playing Field with Software License Management

Come out on top in a compliance audit

In a software audit there are often discrepancies between a company's actual compliance position and the compliance position produced by the auditor--but the burden lies with the company to prove that its data is correct. This white paper outlines the most common differences in compliance positions, and how a company can use Software License Management to prove that its data is correct in order to effectively negotiate with the publisher on a level playing field.

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Global Software License Management For Large Organizations

Benefit from global software license management with Aspera

Large, decentralized organizations have been traditionally sold solutions more tailored to small and medium size businesses, from providers who lack the experience and knowledge to roll out license management on a global scale. There are technical and organizational challenges unique to large companies that require special training and expertise. An independent study by the ITAM Review confirms that Aspera software license management is chosen by large and very large organizations more than any other competitor.

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