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Cover your cloud from overviews to optimization

Optimize your cloud costs with software asset management

The cloud gives you fast, easy access to essential apps for your business, saving you time on deployment and installation. And though you may never worry again about having enough servers, if you don’t keep your licenses under control, those happy clouds could turn into cost hurricanes.

LicenseControl for Cloud gives you a complete overview of your cloud environment with features for automatic, instant license optimization. Get to the heart of your cloud licensing by pulling robust, relevant data directly from services such as Office 365, Salesforce, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

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Control your cloud costs

Effectively plan and assign the licenses you need

Get deep data insights

Access robust data with built-in connectors and APIs

Manage licenses centrally

Manage your most important SaaS vendors all in one place

Protect your Salesforce investment

Salesforce's CRM features put you in constant reach of your customers. But if you pay too much for Salesforce licenses, your revenue engine turns into a profit drag. Optimize your company’s accounts and software usage across all Salesforce Orgs. Control your spending on licenses and make informed decisions about purchases and contracts.

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Maximize your Office 365 investment

Office 365 has the apps you use every day. LicenseControl keeps your Office 365 spending low by finding the most cost-effective subscription options. It analyzes accounts, subscriptions, and apps used to automatically suggest the best enterprise plans and services. Make decisions based on solid data without guesswork.

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Top 3 ways to save on cloud software

Total insight into your cloud environment is the key to your investment. From the LicenseControl dashboard, you can monitor usage and storage limits, set automatic notifications, and re-harvest unused licenses to protect your budget. Here’s how it works:

Manage your licenses. Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity hotspots, and monitor unexpected consumption and over-limit charges.

Reduce your purchases. Avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down, with features such as automatically reusing licenses and seeing where to transfer subscriptions.

Protect user data. Isolate your customer cloud data and stores it by geographical region, which can help maintain compliance with local data protection laws and GDPR.

Generate reports quickly

Analyze inactive accounts and monitor consumption

Reduce your purchases

Monitor your costs to reuse and transfer licenses

Protect user data

Store and stay compliant with local laws and GDPR

Instant cloud reporting that drives business value

LicenseControl for Cloud helps manage your company’s business costs. How does this work? You can find the spending balance between what business units need to drive revenue and what IT needs to create company growth.

Go beyond simple usage overviews to reports that put you in control. Accurate and immediate reports keep you on top of your changing business needs in the cloud, such as:

  • Downgrade reports show you options for using more cost-efficient licenses in your library.
  • Service reports show you which services are being used and how they affect your overall licensing picture and costs.
  • Optimization reports help you to find all your cost reduction and contract savings opportunities.

Manage cloud subscriptions with ease

Want to monitor your company’s usage without a lot of effort? LicenseControl’s automatic and customizable features make it easy to get insight into usage, so you can make business-driven decisions about your cloud subscriptions. Its helpful features include:

Customizable thresholds. Set an inacitivity threshold, such as 6 weeks, after which accounts are automatically deactivated.

Automated emails. Notify the user of their license status with emails that are fully customizable, including account deactivations and alert emails.

Activity log. Get a full overview of account activity for each app, including account deactivations and a record of alert emails sent.

Protect your user data & GDPR

LicenceControl ensures that your data is always secure and compliant under GDPR, local laws and national regulations.

Know everyone in your system. LicenseControl guarantees authorized usage by monitoring usage, harvesting licenses, and deactivating accounts of former employees.

Keep data in secure locations. Local data protection laws require a geographical region with high data security. Choose where to keep your data to stay compliant and secure.

Get fast, secure reporting. Follow local data protection laws by sharing externally generated reports. LicenseControl’s reports and history are all available through the privacy of its interface.

Get expert help with cloud contracts

Our in-house Services team are experts in implementation, managed services, architecture review, and contract optimization. Using LicenseControl for Cloud, they will help you:

Configure & onboard

Configure your user accounts, and align onboarding employees

Analyze licenses

Analyze licenses and take action to minimize consumption

Know your pricing

Uncover pricing terms to right-size your contracts

Negotiate strongly

Know your usage to negotiate your next renewal

Keep your cloud costs on the ground

LicenseControl for Cloud is the easy way to lower costs and consumption and reclaim budget. Here’s an overview of its deeper cloud cost management capabilities and their benefits to you.

Generate reports quickly. Get the most important information, including usage, license assignment, and recent activity reports.

Monitor your usage. Ensure that licenses are being used as you can deactivate unused accounts, identify duplicate ones, and analyze inactivity hotspots.

Reduce your purchases. Get the full view of your license inventory to avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down.

Manage business needs. LicenseControl helps to identify over-provisioned software which leads to overspending.

Easily manage unused accounts. Free up licenses with options that include a customizable inactivity threshold, custom email notifications, and whitelisting of accounts.

Monitor storage costs. LicenseControl shows how close you are to storage limits, so you can avoid overage fees.

Use a single sign-on. Make important licensing changes from a single platform, instead of logging into different apps to control each vendor.

Prepare for contract negotiations. Set for yourself up for negotiating stronger contracts by understanding your usage better.

Make a smart transition. Track employee movement to the cloud to measure the effectiveness of your transition.

Get started in minutes. Set-up is quick and easy and requires no technical expertise–anyone on your team can do it.

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