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LicenseControl for Office 365

The smart way to spend on Microsoft Office 365

Use an Office 365 license management tool and get your Microsoft Office 365 contracts right, every time

Office 365 is the gear that keeps your organization running, so don’t let it overrun your budget. Unused entitlements and over-provisioned subscriptions can slow down your well-oiled revenue machine.

LicenseControl for Office 365 actively analyzes your usage and app combinations to optimize your subscription. Doing Office 365 license management helps you get the most out of your Office 365 investment by aligning value with users’ needs.

Make your Office 365 investment work for you:

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Negotiate confidently

Solid data and a complete understanding of your usage and subscriptions empower you to negotiate the best contract.

Get the right subscriptions

Use clean, accurate usage data to choose the lowest cost subscription and eliminate the burden of guesswork.

Stop over-provisioning

Relevant, timely data shows you unused accounts to free up subscriptions, avoid unneeded purchases and create value out of your investment.

Maximize your Office 365 investment effortlessly

Office 365 contains the apps you use every day. LicenseControl empowers you to get all you can from Office 365, now and in the future.

Based in the Aspera Cloud Platform, LicenseControl for Office 365 keeps your spending low by finding the most cost-effective subscription options. It analyzes accounts, subscriptions, and apps used to automatically suggest the best enterprise plans and services for each user. That means your important decisions are based on solid data without the guesswork.

Knowledge is negotiation power

Microsoft already knows what you use. Shouldn’t you, too?

Negotiating better contracts with Microsoft means knowing what you have, what you need, and what your options are.

LicenseControl gives you all the information you need to get better, more cost-effective contracts. Its intuitive usage and optimization reports allow you to see the subscription options that best suit your needs. Effortlessly optimize your subscriptions in preparation for your contract renewals, and go in ready to negotiate even more savings.

Get the right app combinations

LicenseControl for Office 365 automatically suggests the best subscription plans and apps for each user by looking at real usage and knowing all the entitlement combinations.

For instance, if an E5 plan contains too many entitlements for a user, but that user still needs Power BI Pro, LicenseControl will recommend lowering to an E3 plan with a separate Power BI pro subscription. This can result in significant savings. If those entitlements, such as Service BI, aren’t used, that’s a lot of wasted budget.

LicenseControl optimizes the subscription so that the user still has access to the Office 365 apps they need but at a lower price. Paying only for the entitlements you need will free up budget for other revenue-driving opportunities and demonstrate the business value of Office 365 license management.

Stop over-provisioning and make your investment work for you

LicenseControl for Office 365 gives you a complete overview of your available subscriptions. As new users join your company—or leave it—and existing users’ needs change, there’s a lot of opportunity for optimization. Instead of buying new subscriptions, LicenseControl shows you deactivated and unallocated subscriptions that you can utilize first.

LicenseControl automatically alerts you to available licenses, easily reducing your costs for an essential business resource.

Boldly go where no SAM Manager has gone before

The cloud is the newest frontier for SAM managers and means many changes for your SAM program. What are the new processes that SAM managers need in order to steer SaaS costs? How should they best handle them?

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Top 5 Ways to Save with LicenseControl for Office 365

Have an expert technology gather and analyze the data, so you can focus on increasing the value of your Office 365 investment, not managing your budget.

Get a complete overview of your Office 365 usage.

You get a single, detailed view of everything you subscribe to and use, and get actionable results on where to optimize and eliminate duplicate licensing.

Make the right decisions using in-depth reports based on accurate data.

Get transparency in the apps and services people actually use, then look at recommendations to increase or lower the licensing plans accordingly. It’s that simple.

Strengthen your negotiating position.

Prepare for Microsoft negotiations by knowing exactly which subscriptions you have, how you are using them, and what your contract options are.

Work more simply and effectively.

Deactivate unused accounts and re-use licenses. Analyze inactivity trends to get all you can from your Office 365 investment.

Always available in the cloud.

LicenseControl is fast and always hosted. It runs on the Aspera Cloud Platform, so you don’t need to deal with an on-premises installation.

Intuitive, secure, and powerful

Office 365 license management is the smart way to lower your costs. Here’s an overview of LicenseControl's deeper capabilities and their benefits to you.

  • Clear centralized view. Get a complete centralized overview of all Office 365 user accounts, subscriptions, and app usage.
  • Reduce, re-use, re-harvest — on your terms. Have the option to automatically allocate subscriptions following your company’s usage policies – freeing up the license for other users without buying more, and without added effort.
  • Trigger the transfers you need. Keeping a subscription buffer leads to massive costs. See your full license inventory to trigger transfers and reallocations that help to avoid unneeded purchases.
  • Manage business costs. Identify over-provisioned Office 365 apps to reduce your costs while still nurturing productivity.
  • Manage your contracts. LicenseControl makes subscription data from your Office 365 tenant instantly accessible for review, helping you prepare better for contract decisions and renegotiations.
  • Clean, intuitive interface. Get started quickly with a pre-configured interface, smooth collection of your user data, and easy-to-read charts.
  • Automatic view of inactive users. Do you manually review a user list each month? LicenseControl automatically looks at logins, usage, and API activity to provide a list of users who could be disabled.
  • Secure your data. Who has access to your data from outside the company? Get a list of known and unknown users, which helps with GDPR regulations for protecting user data.
  • Increase your productivity. All the manual work of tracking Office 365 is now integrated and automated in one tool.
  • Built for action. Keep it simple with a specialized tool for Office 365 that works off the shelf and doesn’t require integration. It’s ready for action.
  • Need Office 365 support? Our in-house Services team can analyze your license situation, help with configuration of accounts, and suggest actions to minimize your purchases and right-size your contracts.

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