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Protect your investment with Salesforce License Management

Salesforce should drive your revenue. Its CRM features put you in constant reach of your customers so you can meet their needs quickly and effectively. But if you pay too much for Salesforce licenses, your revenue engine turns into a profit drag.

LicenseControl for Salesforce optimizes your company’s accounts and software usage across all Salesforce Orgs. You can control your spending on licenses and make informed decisions about purchases and contracts.

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Control your Salesforce spending

Salesforce license costs grow each month, and your job is to keep them from outpacing your revenue. Only invest what you need to in Salesforce and save the rest for your bottom line.

LicenseControl for Salesforce reduces your company’s spending and license purchasing across all Salesforce Orgs.

This cloud-based Salesforce license management tool shows your user accounts, assigned licenses, and software consumption across all Salesforce orgs and vendors, including Veeva. It optimizes your accounts, licenses, and usage, always ensuring your data is secure and compliant.

Awarded 1st Place for Innovative License Management

LicenseControl for Salesforce was awarded 1st place in the SAMS Europe Award "Tool/Software" category. This annual award recognizes SAM tools that reduce cost, increase standardization, increase audit protection, and improve processes. Developed with our customer Novartis, LicenseControl handles their unique Saleforce license management needs —and yours! Read how LicenseControl is award-winning!

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Top 5 ways to save with Salesforce License Management

Information is key. With a complete overview of your Salesforce estate, you can dramatically improve your Salesforce cost-benefit ratio. Get more for less. Here’s how LicenseControl does it:

  • Reduce your license demand. Make sure that people who are licensed for Salesforce are actually using it. Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity hotspots, and monitor unexpected consumption and over-limit charges.
  • Reduce your purchases. Get the full view of your Salesforce license inventory to avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down, such as automatically reusing licenses and seeing where to transfer subscriptions.
  • Monitor account costs. View all Salesforce Orgs together – instead of just one Org at a time – to see the full picture of your company's costs for account-based licenses and total consumption across Orgs.
  • NEW! Monitor storage costs. LicenseControl shows how close you are to the storage allowed by your contract, so you can avoid increased costs from high charges when your data or files go over the limits.
  • NEW! Protect user data. LicenseControl isolates the customer’s cloud data and stores it by geographical region, which can help maintain compliance with local data protection laws.

How much can you save?

SaaS cost is like an elevator that can only go up. With this new version of LicenseControl for Salesforce, Aspera found the switch to bring the elevator, in other words the cloud cost, down again. Dormant user accounts are an issue across industries. Eliminating them automatically will create continuous savings.

Jochen Hagenlocher, Global Head of SAM for a Fortune 100 company.

New automatic features for ease & efficiency

LicenseControl can now automatically deactivate unused or rarely used Salesforce accounts. With Auto License Harvesting, just set the time frame for detecting inactivity, and evaluate the savings that deactivating an account will bring. Its helpful features include:

  • Automatic deactivation. Set an inactivity threshold, such as 6 weeks, after which accounts are automatically deactivated.
  • Detailed view of inactivity. Set the threshold between 5 and 360 days—much more than Saleforce’s 90 day view—which lets you align account inactivity with business reality.
  • Automated emails. Notify the user of their license status with emails that are fully customizable per Org, including account deactivations and alert emails.
  • Activity log. Get a full overview of LicenseControl’s account activity per Org, including account deactivations and alert emails.
  • Extra data privacy. Add security to the customer data in Salesforce by deactivating non-authorized accounts and avoid breaches of local data protection laws such as the GDPR.

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Keep your license demand low

Automatically “re-harvest” licenses. Deactivate unused accounts to free up licenses. Automated options include a definable time threshold, custom email notifications, and whitelisting accounts.

Reduce your purchases. Get the full view of your license inventory to avoid unnecessary purchasing and keep costs down by automatically reusing licenses, and seeing where to transfer subscriptions.

Manage business costs. Identify over-provisioned Salesforce software, and find the spending balance between what business units need to drive revenue and what IT needs to create company growth.

Get strong protection of user data

Know everyone in your system. LicenseControl guarantees that only authorized personnel are in your system by monitoring usage, harvesting licenses, and deactivating the accounts of former employees.

Keep data in secure locations. Local data protection laws mandate a geographical region with a high degree of data security. LicenseControl lets you choose where to keep your data to stay compliant and secure.

Get fast, secure reporting. Don’t break local data protection laws by sharing externally generated reports. LicenseControl’s complete reports and full history are all available through the privacy of its interface.

Get expert help with Salesforce contracts & review

Our in-house Consultants and Services teams are experts in implementation, managed services, architecture review, and contract optimization. Using LicenseControl for Salesforce, they will help you:

Configure your accounts, and align onboarding and usage

Analyze licenses and take action to minimize purchasing

Expose pricing and contractual terms to right-size your contracts

Know your usage to negotiate fee increases at annual MSA renewal

Cure your 8-digit Veeva license overspending

If you’re a big pharmaceutical company, you use Veeva CRM to manage your relationships with pharma customers.

The good news is that Veeva is built on the Salesforce infrastructure. Its user-based licensing model is tiered depending on your geographical region, which works for your company's decentralized global structure. The bad news is that your budget is silently bleeding. Without a clear overview of usage and the ability to monitor file and data storage, you are buying more Veeva licenses than you need.

With LicenseControl, you spend only what you need to. Monitor your employees’ usage, track inactive users, and automatically re-harvest unused or underutilized licenses. You will reduce up to 30% of your Veeva costs. That’s a cure you can live with. Stop the bleeding, and get on the path to healthy, long-lasting LicenseControl.

See how much you can save!

Reduce license demand

Deactivate unused accounts, analyze inactivity, and monitor consumption.

Reduce your purchases

Automatically reuse licenses and see where to transfer subscriptions.

Protect user data

Store cloud data by region to stay compliant with local data protection laws.

Keep your SAM cloud costs on the ground

LicenseControl for Salesforce is the easy way to lower costs, reduce purchasing, and reclaim budget. Here’s an overview of its deeper capabilities and their benefits to you.

  • Clear, centralized view. Get a complete centralized overview of all Salesforce user accounts, assigned licenses, and software usage across all Orgs in the company.
  • See across all orgs. The data that drives Salesforce costs is hidden in each Salesforce Org. LicenseControl breaks these “data silos” to show your usage across all Orgs at once and uncover those costs.
  • NEW! Automatically “re-harvest” licenses. Deactivate unused accounts to free up licenses. Automated options include a definable time threshold, custom email notifications, and whitelisting accounts.
  • Detect ex-employee accounts. Get additional security by detecting and deactivating users who left your company, so former employees don’t continue to use the company’s cloud systems.
  • Trigger the transfers you need. Keeping a license buffer per Salesforce Org leads to massive costs. See your full license inventory to trigger transfers and reallocations that help to avoid unneeded purchases.
  • Help with managing contracts. LicenseControl stores your license subscriptions and purchase records, making your contract data instantly accessible.
  • Get fast, secure reporting. Stop daring the GDPR by sharing endless Excel sheets and PowerPoint decks. LicenseControl’s reports and history show your usage and costs in the privacy of its interface.
  • Manages apps. LicenseControl works with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other applications like Veeva and ModelN running on the platform.
  • Get the highest quality data. LicenseControl is built with APIs that collect data. We don’t just monitor user traffic—we go straight to the data sources.
  • Manage business costs. Identify over-provisioned Salesforce software, and find the spending balance between what business units need to drive revenue and what IT needs to create company growth.

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