License management as a service (LaaS) with Aspera

SAM Expertise

License Management as a Service (LaaS)

Software License Management Services

LaaS is the industry’s only full-service outsourcing package for License Management.

A full-service package of SAM expertise

From day one, Aspera’s focus has been delivering turnkey SAM solutions to large companies and Fortune 500s. We ensure every individual SAM need is met.

When you don’t have the staff to cover your SAM program, our unique License Management as a Service (LaaS) is ready to step in. Aspera invented LaaS to unite all of our products and services into one fully customizable, full-service SAM solution.

Aspera does the work for you

LaaS offers the complete range of Aspera SmartTrack solutions. We take care of every task for license management. From hosting our technology and integrating the platform externally, to processing your license data and completing day-to-day operations.

With LaaS, you decide how much internal effort and resources to dedicate to SAM, without foregoing any of the benefits. The package is available whether you need additional support for just a few weeks, or you prefer to engage our experts on an ongoing basis.

Every need met with LaaS outsourcing

You can’t be an expert in everything. LaaS is rock-solid assurance that your company can focus on its business and the big picture. The key benefits of LaaS include:

Expertise with minimal effort

Get hard-to-find staff resources in a short amount of time at a cost-effective investment.

Flexible span of services

Flexible bookings of resources and licensing experts to support you during times when SAM expertise is critically required.

Tailored to scale perfectlyWhether your focus is on desktops or servers, 5 software vendors or 50, one country or a global implementation — you are covered.
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