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For almost two decades, we’ve operated as our customers’ partner. Your decisions make a difference and our experts keep it all in focus. Together we explore new technologies like the cloud, and make your ideas work without the red tape. It’s SAM, made easy.

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Our core values for services

Minimize the complexity

Give trusted insights

Make your job easier

An extended member of your team

Aspera employees have led influential SAM programs at some of the most successful companies. We don’t just talk about how to be successful in SAM. We have proven our success and cut our teeth in the industry in the same roles that you’re in now. Let our experienced team guide you through the best decisions for your software licensing, both now and long term.

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Minimize the complexity

Process Consultants. Our SAM expertise is built on years of experience working with large, decentralized organizations. Our consultants can enhance your existing procedures and create lean end-to-end processes that match your company’s needs.

Onboarding Specialists. You need assistance with Software Asset Management, but internal resources are tied up. With Aspera, you can combine external resources, with existing internal support, to address your specific challenges and requirements.

Integration Specialists. Our specialists work hand-in-hand with your system managers to ensure smooth integration. We utilize standard interfaces and application-specific knowledge to ensure the desired results with a minimum of ongoing administration effort.

Give trusted insights

Successful global rollouts. Aspera consultants are familiar with special regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, international trade law, and the sensitivity of cultural differences. This enables our worldwide implementation of your centrally defined SAM program.

Future-proof ITIL framework. Our services follow the ITIL framework, so you get future-proof solutions that can be continuously refined and enhanced. We are your partner, enabling your SAM program to succeed now and in the long term.

Dedicated audit defense. Our experts develop internal procedures to intelligently prevent, respond, and defend against audits. If a compliance audit is already in play, we help to ensure quick calls-to-action, less manual effort, and lower penalties.

Make your job easier

Effective communication. Our team knows that SAM doesn’t always have a seat at the right table. That’s why we develop a communication strategy to nurture awareness and acceptance in your company, and clearly convey the business value of SAM to all stakeholders.

Knowledge transfer. Our goal is for your SAM program to thrive under your terms. That’s why we offer our services with as little or as much of the external support that you need. We provide exceptional expertise in all areas of SAM, from desktops to data centers, to the containers and the cloud, giving your program plenty of room to grow and mature.

Active community. Aspera actively seeks customer feedback and an open exchange. Our consultants ask about your experiences and ideas for improving our tools and services, and you’ll see that impact when we implement the feedback from each meeting.

Our knowledge is your power

The Aspera team has flexible consulting and service that we create for each customer’s unique needs. You can combine any of our Consulting Services and Managed Services in one turnkey package. Ensure all your Software Asset Management (SAM) needs are met — while staying within budget and minimizing your effort.

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