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Professional Software Asset Management Consulting

At Aspera, we listen to your specific needs for Software Asset Management. Our Software Asset Management consultants are trained in Aspera tools and fit seamlessly into your SAM program. Do you want professional consulting services for technology, implementation, SmartTrack, onboarding, or operations? They all come from a SAM solution provider that is vendor-independent and has a full-service expert team.

SAM is the language we speak

If you’re procurement, we speak purchasing. If you’re IT, we speak IT. Need a SAM weatherman? We speak cloud too.

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Get it started: Implement & integrate

Your SAM project starts with the kick-off. It ends with a well-defined result. At Aspera, our goal is to focus on the essentials, and scale that effort to the size of your organization.

Ready to implement SAM? You need license management but your internal resources are tied up. It’s helpful to combine external project management with the teams already in place. We work with stakeholders such as IT controlling, procurement, steering committees, and C-Suite. Our expert project managers are sure to meet everyone’s requirements.

Project management. Tap into our expertise from demanding SAM projects around the world. We have proven integration methods that focus on standardized interfaces to ensure fast results and avoid costly customization. The Aspera team contributed to the development of the ITIL Best Practice Guide for Software Asset Management — so we know our stuff.

Specs, checks and milestones. Our checklists have all the essential factors for successful progress, including a review of possible challenges and change management. We prepare technical specifications ahead of time to avoid surprises later, and have project checkpoints throughout to identify problems.

Start implementing SAM

Keep it going: Manage processes

We are where you are. Onsite worldwide, helping remotely, or working with Aspera certified partners.

Deep process knowledge. We can provide end-to-end responsibility through SAM services like Health Checks, Assessments and Workshops. Every company is different so we will design a service package that’s exactly what you require, for instance, quarterly updates for the SmartTrack product catalog, or bi-weekly calls to balance your compliance.

Help with reoccurring tasks. Once a project is complete, our services can assist with your goals and challenges of license management operations. We provide expert SAM help for anything and everything, such as support for changed product features or asking for a new system configuration.

Trust is expertise & results

Because we develop our own tools and have in-house experts, we ensure that our architecture can absorb and integrate. You’ll drive to the next level of SAM with the truth about the fast lane. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Take control: Data migration

Help with legacy systems. Does your company have a process to treat data? Our team can ensure better data quality by refining your existing processes and looking at your legacy systems. We will review upstream and downstream systems and their interface requirements.

Have integration needs? License management is not a stand-alone solution. Our SmartTrack platform offers powerful interfaces but of course, your existing systems and their interfaces will need to be integrated. Working hand in hand with your system administrators, our specialists ensure it’s seamless.

Unlock your SAM potential

  • Seamless integration
  • Process management
  • Data quality & migration
  • Review company data from cost centers
  • Review business data from ERP systems
  • Review technical data from ITAM processes

Protect yourself: Audits & contracts

Let’s face it, audits are painful. But they’re one of the compelling events that you will face as a SAM team, and our consultants are here to help you. We know how to balance the power between software vendors and the businesses that buy their software.

Understand and handle audits. The Aspera team has full knowledge of licensing rules and how to stay compliant. We support a clear view of your licensing rights and applicable metrics, and dealing with the related legal issues.

Manage and negotiate contracts. Our experts help you to understand your contractual requirements and how to handle them. This includes contract management such as centralizing your contracts, supporting their renewals, and setting up processes that notify you about end-of-life or other milestones.

Go further: Mature your SAM

Breathe in new life. Have a mature SAM program? Our advanced Software Asset Management consulting will simplify its operations, reach a deeper level of integration, and uncover a higher ROI.

Expand and simplify. Expand your processes to related areas, or simplify those processes through in-depth integration. We will also look at how to improve data quality for more accurate results.

Optimize everything. We’ll show you how to track additional savings potential by strategically optimizing your server configurations, licensing models and compliance results.

Training & Workshops

Aspera delivers complete training with every project. Our modules and workshops give you deep technical knowledge of SmartTrack so you can efficiently manage your software assets and licenses. We prepare you for the three main project phases—analysis, pilot and rollout. They are designed for your specific objectives, and offered onsite or online.

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