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Professional Software Asset Management Consulting

Aspera consultants help you harness the power of SAM while getting the most out of your existing IT systems

Our knowledge is your power

The key to Software Asset Management (SAM) is a future-proof solution that is scalable and standardized. Your success in SAM relies on efficient end-to-end processes that range from license procurement to audit response procedures.

Aspera is committed to expert consulting which always has the customers’ needs in view. Our Professional Services combine technological know-how with unbeatable licensing experience to create the perfect consultation for your needs.

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Ensure one-time effort creates long-term value

SAM doesn’t end when the technology is implemented. It flourishes at the intersection of people, processes and platform.

Our Professional Services expand this proven framework. We help your enterprise defend against publisher audits while unlocking the full long-term potential of your SAM program. Aspera contributed to the development of the ITIL Best Practice Guide for Software Asset Management — so we know our stuff.


Our Professional Services at-a-glance

Select any combination of services which best fit your company's needs.

Project management, process and integration

Tap into our unrivaled process know-how from demanding SAM projects around the world. Our proven integration methodology focuses on standardized interfaces to ensure fast results and avoid costly customizations.

Data migration from legacy systems

Does your company already have a process to treat data? Aspera can ensure better data quality by refining the existing processes, and reviewing up and downstream systems and their interface requirements.

Advanced consulting to unlock SAM potentialBreathe new life into your mature SAM program. Our advanced consulting will simplify operations, reach a deeper level of integration, and uncover a higher ROI. We optimize server configurations, licensing models, and compliance results.
Training and workshopsAspera delivers complete training with every project. Our modules and workshops equip you with deep technical knowledge of SmartTrack. They are designed for your specific objectives, and offered onsite or online. Learn more