Oracle, Salesforce, and SAP Software Asset Management services with Rapid Vendor Analysis

Rapid Vendor Analysis

Fast view of savings.
Your shortcut to Software Asset Management.

Get a snapshot of Software Asset Management - done in a snap

The Rapid Vendor Analysis service is your entry-level path to Software Asset Management. Our experts give a complete overview of your licensing costs and compliance risks for a specific software vendor, such as SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft. Then they quickly show how you can save in a hassle free, risk-free analysis.

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Why do a Rapid Vendor Analysis?

Let's say you have a contract renewal and you want to negotiate. Or an audit is coming up and you’re concerned about the results. Or the annual budget is due and you need to reduce your costs.

You need quick results with no time or budget for a full SAM implementation. That’s where Rapid Vendor Analysis comes in. This vendor-specific Software Asset Management service can be done in a couple of weeks, and will likely fit into your regular IT budget.


Know your costs

Gives you a snapshot of what you’re currently using and spending for a vendor.

Prepare for an audit

Prepares you fast to measure compliance for an audit or true-up with a key vendor.

Show the value of SAM

Gives you a great short-term fix if there’s no budget for a full SAM program.

How we do it for you

1.  Data Gathering. Our experts help you gather the needed data.

2.  Data Processing. The experts process that data in Aspera tools.

3.  Compliance Report. We analyze that data and create a compliance report.

4.  Optimization Analysis. We further analyze the data to identify optimization potential.

5.  Results & Strategy. We give you the results, explain them, and discuss further strategy.

Worry free Software Asset Management

Worried about a true-up or audit?

A vendor is coming for their annual evaluation of what you’re using vs. what you’re paying. Now you can know what to expect.

Need to know what you’re spending?

You know that you spend a lot for software licenses with a specific vendor. Now you can know how much.

Lost your
vendor expert?

Your coworker left the position or the company, and the vendor “guru” knowledge left with them. Get back that expert knowledge.

Low commitment SAM

Don’t have budget or C-Level support? You need a SAM program. But you don’t have the money or your boss doesn’t see why you need it. Now you can do SAM on a small budget, while showing the benefits to get more budget.

No tool installation needed: You need help, not another tool. Other SAM companies require a technology purchase to get their Software Asset Management consulting services. We don’t! The analysis doesn’t need a technology installation, so there’s no down time or security risk to implement the service.

Fast professional Software Asset Management

Work with an expert team

Our in-house consultants discuss results directly with you to determine your vendor-specific strategy.

Get accurate reliable results

Our in-house team uses proven Aspera technology to generate the most reliable, accurate data in the industry.

Get the results in weeks

Running out of time? Act now! Once you give us the license data, our delivery time of the reports and results is just a few weeks.

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Do you know which SAP license types you should use? Compare your current license types to a simulation of the best license types in a one-time risk-free analysis.

Optimize your SAP


Do you know what Oracle software your ULA really covers? Get a fast one-time analysis of your installations and usage details like editions and options, so there are no surprises.

Optimize your Oracle

Optimize Java SE


Do you know what you spend on the Salesforce cloud? Our analysis shows exactly that across all your Salesforce Orgs and suggests how you can save.

Optimize your Salesforce


Do you know how much Microsoft you’re using compared to what you purchased? Get a fast overview of your Microsoft licensing and compliance risks that delivers strong return on investment.

Optimize your Microsoft

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