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Rapid Vendor Analysis
for Oracle Java

Get a quick check-up for your Java SE licenses

Avoid surprise costs from Java! Get a snapshot now

Have you heard about Oracle’s new Java SE rules? Starting in 2019, what used to be free isn’t any more. This means you will have to pay for continued support on your Java SE and its later versions. If you’re using advanced commercial features of older versions of Java SE, you’ll also be required to pay. The licensing implications of these Java usage changes for you could be huge.

The bigger you are, the bigger your risk of license misuse and financial penalties. In many companies —perhaps yours too — deployments on desktops, servers, and clients are spread across a huge IT environment of data centers and virtualized machines. Does this sound familiar?

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Answer your Java FAQs with a fast analysis

How do you know if you need to start paying Oracle for Java SE support? Or if you’re using commercial features that now require a fee? Where do you begin to understand your Java license situation?

Rapid Vendor Analysis is a fast, thorough review of your Java license situation. Our experts run a one-time, risk-free analysis of your Oracle software data. They evaluate all your Java installations and usage details according to Oracle licensing rules, including Java usage, deployed features, editions, and versions that are installed and in use.

With Rapid Vendor Analysis for Java, you can avoid surprise costs by understanding the compliance, obligations, and opportunities lurking in your Java deployments.

View all deployments

Find all Java installations on servers and desktops — along with forgotten deployments

See commercial features

Get full visibility of commercial features in use and find accidental activations

Know your usage fees

Automatically calculate how many licenses or subscriptions are needed to cover Java usage

No more ‘Shock and Audit’ from Oracle

Rapid Vendor Analysis bulletproofs your Java licenses if Oracle decides to audit them. Under the pressure of a tight timelines for submitting your data to review, it’s easy to simply send Oracle the data. But you need to understand that data — and any issues it may show — before you share it.

What’s your new strategy for Oracle Java?

You’ve done the research. You’ve seen the potential costs for your Java SE subscriptions. So, what do you do next? Stay with Java SE? Migrate to OpenJDK? Or maybe you do nothing?

Try our Rapid Vendor Analysis. At Aspera, do more than deliver a “report and run.” Our experts work with you to define a strategy for your Java SE estate based on your company’s needs and goals. You will make an informed decision that fits your company’s unique Oracle situation.

Have surprise-free audits

Know what to expect during an audit by understanding your usage and finding your Java activations – and addressing those issues.

Give results to your stakeholders

Get proof that a tool can work in your environment before you make the technology investment. To see the tool behind the RVA, just ask us.

Negotiate from strength

Rapid Analysis helps you face Oracle, so when you purchase licenses or subscriptions, you make the offer based on what you need, not what Oracle says you need.

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