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Microsoft Effective License Position

Get a fast effective analysis of your Microsoft license compliance

Effective License Position for Microsoft Compliance

Want a fast overview of your Microsoft licensing and compliance? Our “Rapid Vendor Analysis” service is your entry-level path to reducing your Microsoft costs. We look at the major areas of concern and the major spend areas for your Microsoft products. Aspera experts deliver a report of your Microsoft software usage, licensing costs and compliance risks. See how you can get strong ROI with a hassle free, risk-free analysis.

Start saving now

Your company has millions of dollars in Microsoft software

You probably don’t know what you’re using.

We make sure you do.

Protect against an audit

When? Any time

You might get a software audit letter from Microsoft any time, so avoid a scramble by preventing the risk ahead of time

Get ahead of a true-up

When? Once a year

This “meeting of the minds” in your Microsoft contract is an annual check-in that manages adding or changing software

Prepare for contract renewal

When? Every 3 years

When you renew with Microsoft, it’s essential to know what you have and how it’s used so you negotiate strongly

A Services team backed by our own tools

Other software companies bring in a third party or outside consultants to handle their services. We are the only SAM solutions company that does both: in-house technology and an in-house team. You don’t have to communicate between third parties, or deal with the gaps and downtime that inevitably happen.

  • Microsoft software usage
  • Microsoft licensing costs
  • Microsoft compliance risks

Your Microsoft Effective License Position at a fraction of the cost

Get the cost avoidance that an Effective License Position would identify — at a fraction of the standard price. Through 20 years of successful SAM solutions, our team realized that 80% of cost avoidance can be found in 20% of Microsoft’s product families.

That’s why our “Rapid Vendor Analysis” looks at the Microsoft products with the highest likelihood of delivering cost avoidance insights, with the least amount of customer disruption.


I'm proactive, not reactive

Get fast answers for Microsoft license compliance

Worried about a Microsoft true-up or audit?

Gives you quick compliance when you’re under pressure and need to know what you’re using vs. what you’re buying

Need a point-in-time snapshot of compliance?

Get reporting for your high-risk Microsoft product families to prevent overspending and under-licensing in the future

Don’t have time or resources to invest in a SAM tool?

Rapid Vendor Analysis provides a short-term fix if there’s no budget for a full Software Asset Management program right now

Analysis & reporting for strong Microsoft negotiation

1- Collect Microsoft data

We run a one-time data collection using inventory tools and scripts to gather all the information for understanding your Microsoft estate

2- Analyze Microsoft data

We analyze your Microsoft data very quickly and accurately to understand your true usage — we do it fast and we do it right

3- Report Microsoft insights

We show your current optimized license position, and the opportunities for avoiding costs and avoiding audit risk

Get your Microsoft analysis report now!