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Rapid Vendor Analysis for Oracle

Fast view of Oracle savings. Your shortcut to SAM.

Your snapshot of Software Asset Management for Oracle

Everything you do with Oracle is big. Huge IT architecture, large data centers, a lot of virtualization, and many database options.

The bigger you are, the bigger your risk of license misuse and financial penalties. Do you know what Oracle software is really covered by your contracts? Do you know how many licenses are already deployed under your Unlimited License Agreement (ULA)?

The Rapid Vendor Analysis service is your entry-level path to Oracle Software Asset Management. Our experts give a one-time, risk-free analysis of your installations and usage details. Now there are no SAM surprises.

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Get fast Oracle insights tailored to your company

See all deployments

Find all Oracle installations and usage details — and any forgotten deployments

See installed packs

Get full visibility of management packs and options, which are often installed accidentally

See maintenance fees

Oracle earns more from maintenance fees than software licenses — keep that in check

Be prepared for Oracle audits

Are you worried about receiving an audit letter? We can help!

Oracle will pressure you with a tight timeframe for getting your data to them for review. But you need to understand that data — and any software usage problems it may show — before you share it with Oracle.

You need quick results with no time or budget for a full SAM implementation. That’s where Rapid Vendor Analysis comes in. This review of your Oracle licenses can be done in a couple of weeks, and will likely fit into your regular IT budget.

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Why do Rapid Vendor Analysis for Oracle?

Be prepared for an audit

Once you know what you’re using vs what you’re paying, you know what to expect in an Oracle audit, and can optimize your licenses.

Don’t want a black-box tool?

You need help. Get proof that a tool can work in your environment — with results you can hand to stakeholders — before you make the technology investment. Want to see the tool behind the RVA? Just ask us.

Great for any SAM stage

Rapid Analysis is great for entry-level SAM just starting to manage licenses, or for reaching your next set of advanced SAM goals.

How we do it for you

Aspera experts run a one-time analysis on your Oracle software data. The analysis evaluates all Oracle installations and usage details according to Oracle licensing rules. This includes application editions, packs installed, activated database options, and complex virtualization criteria.

Then our analysts present their reports and findings. We help you find a clear and easy position for license compliance, and see how much you’re paying for maintenance. You will get advice about how to optimize for your Oracle infrastructure, configurations, and installations.

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Work with specialists in Oracle licenses & architecture

Reduce maintenance

Get advice about how to handle high maintenance costs before they are recalculated

Find cost strategies

Learn about license shelving for cost reduction in your next round of purchases

Know your ULA

Gather information that helps you to decide to renew the ULA or plan an exit strategy


10 Tips to Anticipate and Manage an Oracle Audit

Oracle’s complex licensing models make metering usage extremely challenging. This webinar addresses the key aspects you need to be ready for an oracle audit.

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Find out what your ULA really covers

Your company might think that all of their Oracle software is covered by the Unlimited License Agreement. But a ULA typically covers unlimited usage for a limited number of products.

If you use software that is not covered by your ULA, you are out of license compliance and in financial risk. When you decide to leave the ULA and declare your usage in the exit certification, you might get a nasty surprise that costs you several millions. Get a Rapid Analysis before this happens to evaluate whether to keep or leave your ULA.

What will you do with your Oracle savings? Whether you have a SAM program in place or not, we can help you save costs.

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