Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce

Fast view of Salesforce savings.
Your shortcut to SAM.

Your snapshot of Software Asset Management for Salesforce

Do you know what you really spend on the Salesforce cloud? Rapid Vendor Analysis shows you exactly that across all your Salesforce Orgs.

The Rapid Vendor Analysis service is your entry-level path to reducing your Salesforce costs. Our experts give a complete overview of your usage and accounts across your Orgs. Then they quickly show how you can save in a hassle free, risk-free analysis.

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SAM expertise & cloud savings

Sometimes there is no time or budget for a full Software Asset Management implementation. You just need quick results.

That’s where Rapid Vendor Analysis comes in. This Salesforce analysis can be done in a couple of weeks, and will likely fit into your regular IT budget.

You get the information that you need to clearly see your Salesforce Orgs and optimize your Salesforce costs – without installing or buying a tool.

Get the best of both: SAM expertise & cloud savings

Get full visibility

See a consolidated view of all your Salesforce Orgs, accounts, users, and usage

Get expert advice

Talk to our team about their cost-saving advice, tailored to your specific Salesforce needs

Don’t overspend

See how to optimize and unsubscribe users to build real savings

Cloud in the Subscription Era

Dr. Matthias Vianden, Head of Solutions Development at Aspera, talks about the changes of SAM in the subscription era and more cloud challenges companies will face concerning Saas, IaaS, and PaaS.


How we do it for you

Our SAM experts create a consolidated overview of all your Salesforce Orgs, accounts, and usage. Then we evaluate your usage and license situation across all Orgs and develop a customized optimization plan for your specific situation.

What will you do with your Salesforce savings? Whether you have a SAM program in place or not, we can help you save.

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