Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP® Software

Fast view of SAP savings. Your shortcut to SAM.

Your snapshot of Software Asset Management for SAP

Let’s face it. You know — way better than SAP does — which license types you want to use and which ones you don’t. How can you use the least expensive options while making sure you are compliant?

The Rapid Vendor Analysis service is your entry-level path to finding that balance. It compares your current license types to a simulation of license types in a one-time risk-free analysis.

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Quickly improve your negotiation strength

You need to know your SAP license position quickly. But you don’t want to rely on SAP’s license measurement tool. And you don’t have the time or budget for a full Software Asset Management implementation.

That’s where Rapid Vendor Analysis comes in. This SAP analysis can be done in a couple of weeks, and will likely fit into your regular IT budget.

You get quick results that are customized to your requirements. Now you have the information that you need to negotiate a new and improved SAP contract – without installing or buying a tool.

Why do Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP?

Worry free SAM

SAP is coming for their annual evaluation of what you’re using vs. what you’re paying. Now you can know what to expect in that true-up or audit.

Get proof of value

Get proof that a tool will work in your environment — with results you can hand to stakeholders — before you make the technology investment. Want to see the tool behind the RVA? Just ask us.

Great for any SAM stage

The service is great for entry-level SAM just starting to manage license usage or for reaching your next set of advanced SAM goals.

How we do it for you

We compare your current SAP license types to a simulation of all possible license types. Which do you currently have in your SAP account, and which should you have?

Our service looks at SAP Named User, indirect use, SAP Engines, SAP Business Objects, or any of the license types combined. Now your biggest question is: “How high can my savings be?”

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Contract analysis

We analyze your active SAP contracts from a commercial view

License analysis

We analyze your license requirements and compare to license costs

Indirect access analysis

We analyze all applications that exchange data with SAP to fully assess the risks involved, get compliant and avoid financial penalties

SAP Indirect Access – Control your risk!

Attention SAP users: SAP is suing existing customers over indirect licensing. This webinar covers the must-know’s for SAP indirect access and how to stay protected against it!

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Keeping up with new SAP Licensing Changes

How to transition from R/3 to S/4HANA and safeguard your Digital Access compliance

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Work with SAP experts who are on your side

  • Proven experts: Our analysts have 15+ years of consultation and 100+ successful projects
  • Personal meeting: You have an in-person meeting with the analysts to discuss their results
  • Negotiation strategy: Talk with the experts to develop an approach to negotiating with SAP

What will you do with your SAP savings? Whether you have a SAM program in place or not, we can help you save.

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