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Managed Services

Aspera’s SAM Managed Services: Delivering Professional Support for Operative License Management

Before and after deployment, our experts create real solutions that ensure the highest data quality for license optimization.

Professional support for on-the-ground SAM

For effective Software Asset Management, you need to get your licenses in order, deploy entitlements correctly, and accurately identify licensable products in your network. But you can’t install a tool and flip a switch. The quality of your data directly affects the quality of your SAM.

Aspera’s Managed Services come from over 15 years of SAM specialization. Our Service team strengthens your internal resources by handling important daily tasks with expertise and speedy results. We expertly map out license and entitlement data, and focus on quality assurance.

Choose from four Managed Services that provide hard-to-find expertise and keep your operational costs low.

Aspera Software Asset Management managed services - Extended Catalog

Extended Catalog

Your custom catalog for stronger compliance

Do you have individualized terms with vendors? The Extended Catalog expands our Master Catalog, increasing the automatic recognition of custom-negotiated purchasing conditions, contracts, and side letter agreements.

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Aspera's Software Asset Management managed services - License Clearing

License Clearing

Expert insurance for error-free data

Software licenses are inherently complex, and fixing errors in license procurement data is not easy to do. With the License Clearing service, we expertly identify and correct the faulty or missing licensing information for you.

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Aspera Software Asset Management managed services - Software Recognition

Software Recognition

Tailor-made normalization for unique data

Need a database for company-specific software inventory? Our Software Recognition engineers analyze your unique software data, and build a tailored database of signatures and rules that automatically normalizes the data.

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Aspera Software Asset Management managed services - Interface Maintenance

Interface Maintenance

Constant monitoring of your data flow

Interfaces are a central element of your SAM solution. With this service, we maintain the health of your interfaces and data flow. Interface Maintenance ensures smooth SAM operations, getting your data where it needs to be.

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