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Extended Catalog

Extended Catalog

Our experts track and record your custom license data with unbeatable quality and efficiency.

A catalog system with creative freedom

Individually negotiated conditions and contracts are increasingly important. But tracking and recording that information manually is daunting.

To fulfill even the most complex details, Aspera offers a custom data catalog. Our Extended Catalog increases the automatic recognition of your non-standard purchasing conditions, contracts, and side letter agreements.


Recognition rates are customized and increased

The Extended Catalog is customized to your company’s needs. This service tracks the contract variations and individual conditions between customers and software vendors. We maintain data records for contracts specially designed for your company.

Our Service team works methodically to improve the recognition of your custom purchasing, licensing, and software data. They analyze your contracts and procurement to extend and optimize your catalog, with an eye on how they deviate from manufacturer standards. Increased data quality is guaranteed.

Side-by-side, the Aspera Master Catalog accurately and automatically tracks all of your standard contract conditions. The Extended Catalog further increases the high value of the Master Catalog, increasing productivity and uncovering saving potential.


Key benefits of Extended Catalog

Use this service as a one-time project engagement or an ongoing contract.

Analysis of unique contracts

We analyze your individual contract frameworks and their deviation from standards, taking the pressure off your internal staff.

Correct and fast operation

Creating new catalog content or adapting existing content by experienced Aspera license experts ensures quick, accurate results.

Search for new potentialCustomer-specific procurement portfolio is proactively analyzed to search for optimization potential.
Ensure best use of PURsCreating complex product matrices (downgrade paths, update rights) ensures maximum exploitation of product use rights.
Increased data qualityOur work ensures the highest recognition rate, extensive process automation, and an increase in data quality.