Managed Services

Interface Maintenance

Interface Maintenance

Our experts constantly monitor the data flow and health from recognized source systems.

Aspera's Software Asset Management managed services - Interface maintenance and monitoring

Quality assurance for your data

Interfaces are an essential element of the cross-departmental tasks of license management. The availability and quality of your imported data are critical.

That’s why our Interface Maintenance ensures permanent monitoring of the interfaces and flow of data.


Your data gets where it needs to be

The data monitoring of Interface Maintenance focuses on qualitative and quantitative criteria. As data is imported on time and at fixed dates, our Service experts keep a finger on the pulse of the data quality. They constantly check the syntax and the plausibility of the data against proven Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

All transactions are recorded to ensure integrity. These monitoring activities are summarized in a monthly report with details on problems, past developments, and trends to help continuously improve the flow of data.


Key benefits of Interface Maintenance

Use this service as a one-time project engagement or an ongoing contract.

Daily monitoring of quality

Your data quality is regularly and closely monitored for the respective interfaces.

Documenting the data imports

Following SAM best practices, the specified system sources and their contact persons are maintained in a data feed document.

Documenting the change managementFor continuous improvement, all changes to the interfaces that are initiated by Aspera and affect the interface architecture are documented.