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License Clearing

Software License Clearing

Our experts methodically identify and correct faulty or missing license data to increase its accuracy.

Aspera's Software Asset Management managed services - software license clearing

There’s a clear path ahead

What’s at the core of every good Software Asset Management (SAM) program? You’ll find the centralization of a company’s license purchases, and the accurate recording of licensing rules and entitlements.

Our License Clearing service supports these important tasks with expert people and infrastructure, enabling perfect compliance and cost-saving benefits.


Correct, clear and complete your data

Software licenses are inherently complex, and fixing errors in license procurement data is not easy to do. With License Clearing, our Service professionals methodically find erroneous or missing licensing information.

We correct the errors and omissions, preventing faulty records from entering your license and entitlement inventory. This means faster correction times and the ability to improve upstream systems to ensure a higher rate of automated and accurate data processing.


Protect compliance with reliable reports

Concerned about quality control? The compliance report from your SAM tool is only as reliable as the data it’s built on. That’s why the Aspera team relies on our unbeatable Master Catalog to automatically identify licenses in purchase records and record the licensing rules. We use our industry-leading SmartTrack platform to produce intelligent data quality reports that clearly indicate the reasons why the records could not be processed.


Key benefits of License Clearing

Use this service as a one-time project engagement or an ongoing contract.

Constant quality check

Ensure the highest data quality for license purchase reports imported from your purchasing systems or supplier systems.

Increase success rate of imports

Correct and store errors that prevent automatic processing — such as missing SKU numbers and contract numbers — to improve future imports.

Effective economy of scaleGet fast, cost-effective results as the Aspera team corrects data errors at an expert pace.
Focus in-house employeesIncrease the efficiency of your internal staff by freeing them to focus on more strategic tasks.