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Software Recognition

Software Recognition Service

Our experts create tailor-made signatures and rules that automatically normalize and personalize your software data.

Software recognition services

SAM is not one-size-fits-all

Many companies use software that varies from the standard inventory. You may install MariaDB instead of Microsoft SQL Server, for instance, or work in Nitro Pro rather than Adobe Acrobat.

Our Software Recognition service develops a database that is tailored to your unique inventory. We personalize Software Asset Management (SAM) to achieve the highest level of automation and efficiency.


Your data gets an instant VIP upgrade

Looking for the most optimal optimization? (Yes, SAM can be a tongue-twister.) Our experts analyze your company’s imported software installation and usage data. Then we build a custom database of signatures and rules that automatically normalizes the data.

The Aspera Master Catalog works seamlessly for a more standard software inventory. Over 60,000 built-in signatures can go large and wide, matching the footprints of hundreds of thousands of inventory records.

With the addition of our Software Recognition service, it’s easy to add new signatures to the catalog for customer-specific scenarios, such as registry keys, packet IDs, or AD groups — a must for compliance audit situations.


Key benefits of Software Recognition

Use this service as a one-time project engagement or an ongoing contract.

Generate highest data quality

Ensure correct inventory results as we continuously maintain and update your database, using raw data from popular discovery and inventory tools.

Pinpoint errors in data

Our experts focus on the missing and incorrect signatures, using the Master Catalog to filter out “white noise” data.

Increase success for importsSignatures for unprocessed software products are created and added to your database, increasing the automatic success rate for future imports.
Reduce license costsInstallations that don’t require a license are identified and ignored, enabling us to intelligently reduce the demand for licenses.
Get error analysis reportsEasy-to-read reports from SmartTrack let you track the success of the Software Recognition service and our fulfillment of your Software License Agreements (SLAs).