Data Center Optimization

Bring cost-effective licensing to every server environment

Your Big Savings are in the Data Center

We help you control the complexity and cost effectiveness of licensing for servers, clusters and virtualization

Today’s enterprise IT environments are all about servers. But licensing for servers and virtualized environments is complex, risky and cost-intensive. The data center is where the best savings are possible, and the biggest audit pitfalls are hiding. That’s where Aspera comes in to help.


We help you tame the complicated

License metrics for client-side devices are still pretty manageable. But the metrics used for servers are very complex and have a lot of fine print. There's also a lot of maintenance investment to manage — up to 20% of the total cost of your server licensing.

To further complicate your metrics, server configurations change on a daily or even hourly basis. Make the servers faster, or reconfigure the virtualization of a server, and you are inevitably going to be over- or under-licensed most days of the year.

To be effective with server licensing, your SAM solution must have:

  • Understanding of the server topology. Is the server a physical or virtual instance? Is it virtualized software or hardware? Is a guest system running individually or in a cluster? It’s essential to understand the full estate.
  • Accurate compliance for server licenses. License rules are complex, vary greatly per vendor, and can change without warning.
  • Accurate compliance for virtual server licenses. Due to their scalable nature, virtualized servers may be reconfigured daily, and the licenses must adjust to match.
  • Cost control for server maintenance licenses. The data center has a lot of maintenance investment (up to 20% of total cost).
  • Ability to manage all devices’ license data. To be truly effective, you must track server, client, mobile, and cloud software licenses all in one place.

Two solutions make the Aspera difference

Our industry-leading SAM platform, Aspera SmartTrack, meets all of these challenges to manage and optimize server licensing. Your company gets full transparency for their license compliance and clear steps to reduce the overall costs. With SmartTrack’s understanding of physical and virtualized machines, you are able to:

  • Track their licensing position in detail and know how many licenses are needed
  • Proactively avoid under- and over-licensing
  • Prove compliance at any time, and prepare for true-ups and contract renewals
  • Intelligently optimize the demand for licenses to achieve significant cost reduction

Our solution SmartTrack Simulation, takes server licensing to the next level. Its Simulation capabilities are a breakthrough in financial forecasting, letting you stage potential topologies and architectures to find true cost avoidance. With SmartTrack Simulation 4, you can:

  • Simulate different server, virtualization, and cluster scenarios without impact on the live production environment
  • Compare “what-if” license scenarios to evaluate their financial impact and determine true costs
  • Assess wide-ranging infrastructure and architecture issues before making technical decisions
  • Use the simulations effectively for budget decisions, growth purposes, acquisitions, and mergers.

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