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Audit Defense for Software License Compliance

Confidently pass software compliance audits and slash under-licensing fees

License audits have grown explosively. Software publishers are recovering millions of dollars in license revenue annually by targeting enterprises for audits. Some publishers use embedded technology that reports license misuse, or have new-age audit tools that can block your access to unlicensed software.

The risk of under-licensing and failing an audit grows every day as you deal with complex IT architecture, virtualization, and intricate license metrics. But this risk is controllable!

3 vital strategies that control your risk

Aspera helps you defend your license compliance in a software audit with our expert services and SmartTrack technology. It's possible to pass an audit successfully and to actively control the process throughout. In fact, you can get long-term value from this one-time effort.

Our strategic approach has three vital prevention tactics:

  • Show you’re prepared and knowledgeable by quickly responding to audit inquiry letters, Software Asset Management (SAM) reviews and assessments
  • Ensure license compliance by implementing effective SAM processes and tools
  • Make you less appealing for future audits by demonstrating control over your software estate and licensing


Aspera is your trusted expert for audit defense

You need the benefit of many years of defending against license audits. Aspera delivers that expertise. Our consultants put you on equal footing for the negotiation as you actively take control of your compliance position.

Our hands-on assistance before, during and after the audit includes:

  • Clean, correct, and complete your software inventory data
  • Explain publisher licensing models and how to apply existing licenses to reduce under-licensing and overspending
  • Assess your data prior to auditor reviews to ensure you are in control
  • Thoroughly verify the auditor’s results, looking for pitfalls, errors, and missing data

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SmartTrack is your trusted tool for audit defense

No strategy is complete without the right tool. That’s why our SmartTrack platform is a big part of how we construct your defense. And the processes that you design now will significantly reduce the risk of being audited in the future.

SmartTrack is the ideal technology for audit defense as it:

  • Automates reports for purchased licenses vs. installed software for all publishers
  • Automatically reconciles software usage and license entitlement data to reduce spend
  • Generates standard reports that meet the requirements of software publishers
  • Helps you prepare the required data with intelligent walk-throughs and tips
  • Implements data feeds for the audit, and in-depth data for the publisher, that you can roll out for other publishers’ products

What data do I need to protect against audit risk?


Microsoft license compliance with SmartTrack

Automotive supplier decided to eliminate manual processes in SAM and provide for all Microsoft products and around 100,000 workstations.

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