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Outsourcing Software License Management

As a specialist in Software Asset Management, Aspera is a one-stop-shop for all your Software License Management needs. License Management as a Service (LaaS) and Aspera’s Managed Services augment internal resources so that you can focus on what really matters.

From tool hosting to complete outsourcing of the license management process, and everything in between. Aspera customers are ensured a tailored to fit, expert Software License Management solution - within budget.


Expertise and Flexible Outsourcing Solutions

By outsourcing some or all of the license management process, enterprises can free up valuable internal resources for more decisive jobs as well as benefit from the work of highly trained experts.

Aspera’s outsourcing services are flexible and can be fit according to the individual requirements of each customer – partial outsourcing via Managed Services or complete outsourcing via License Management as a Service (LaaS). It’s up to each company to decide how much and which parts of the Software License Management process should be outsourced:

  • LaaS: License Management as a Service, Complete Outsourcing to Aspera
    LaaS unites the whole range of Aspera’s services in one, from hosting and license clearing down to specific consulting activities. Particularly those organizations that are new to license management often do not have the required infrastructure, expert knowledge, and available resources. In such a case, LaaS by Aspera offers the necessary basis for establishing successful license management within a short time period.

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  • Managed Services: Partial Outsourcing with Flexibility With Aspera’s Managed Services, customers benefit from flexibility: individual service modules can be combined or individually booked to meet specific needs. Companies can take advantage of their internal strengths while minimizing resource and knowledge gaps. For example, license clearing and software recognition are tasks the must be completed for license management, but require special knowledge and can take up much time without the proper skill-set and training. A company that does not have resources to dedicate to these daily tasks can rely on Aspera to get them done with the highest standard of excellence. >

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Increase Value by Focusing on Cost Saving Early On

With the option to outsource all or part of license management, enterprises can kick-start Software Asset Management (SAM) and license compliance with less internal capacity. The company is no longer confronted with time-consuming but necessary license management tasks and is free to focus on the strategic and cost-saving aspects of SAM such as consolidating contracts, optimizing the use of licenses, and portfolio management. Through outsourcing, the focus is brought back to the areas of SAM that have strategic and financial importance.

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