Training Courses

Training Courses

Aspera is your partner throughout your license management program. Our training gives you deep technical knowledge so you can efficiently manage your software assets. These training modules focus on optimizing your use of the Aspera products and developing problem-solving skills.

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ST01: Administration Training

Learn how to run the administration of SmartTrack. There are three units in this training.

ST01-1: Administration: Architecture, Setup & Key Maintenance Tasks
Focus on technical system details and requirements. This includes setup, platform configuration, and system maintenance, especially patch and release management for SmartTrack.

ST01-2: Administration: Advanced System Maintenance & Optimization
Go deeper into the specifics of system maintenance, system monitoring and optimization, and platform dependent setup.

ST01-3: Troubleshooting & Support
Learn how to handle problems that might occur during installation and upgrading.

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ST02: Data Management Training

Get introduced to SmartTrack’s data import options and learn how to analyze them. There are five units in this training.

ST02-1: Data Management: Functions & Configuration
Understanding and handling the data feeds. You will learn about the specification requirements options for data transformation and the impact of exceptions (logs).

ST02-2: Data Management: Monitoring & Troubleshooting File Based Imports
How to monitor and troubleshoot imports. You will learn how to fix the most common problems, how to recover from crashes, and what kind of debug possibilities are available for imports.

ST02-3: Data Management: Web Services Functions & Practice
All about Web Services and SOAP. We explain how they are used in SmartTrack and demonstrate helpful use cases.

ST02-4: Data Management: Extended Import Processor Scenarios I
Learn about SmartTrack's import pre-processors (IPP), and scenarios of how to use them.

ST02-5: Data Management: Interface Design Methodologies
Get a complete understanding of the SmartTrack ETL process. This training leads you through all the steps to build a connector to a completely new data source.

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ST03: End User Training

Learn how to use SmartTrack to run Software Asset Management. There are four units in this training.

ST03-1: End User
This core training enables you to understand and use SmartTrack for Software Asset Management.

ST03-2: SAM Roles: License Balance Manager
This session concentrates on specific activities needed for this role.

ST03-3: SAM Roles: Software Inventory Administrator
This session concentrates on specific activities needed for this role.

ST03-4: SAM Roles: License Inventory Administrator
This session concentrates on specific activities needed for this role.

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ST04: Catalog Training

Get introduced to the Master Catalog and learn how to add new data records. There are four units in this training.

ST04-1: Catalog: Data Model & Core Maintenance
The Master Catalog is a core part of SmartTrack. We explain the catalog’s basic elements and a general navigation of SmartTrack, and the differences between the Master Catalog and Extended Catalog.

ST04-2: Catalog: Product Modeling
Learn how to extract and transform information from the Master Catalog for import into SmartTrack. Set up completely new content or using existing data as a basis for recording data. You will also learn how to cope with missing or inconsistent information.

ST04-3: Catalog:Extended Practice Session I
Discover what information is important to record in the catalog by analyzing the licensing documents of various manufacturers. Common challenges of data interpretation are also covered.

ST04-4: Catalog: Extended Practice Session II
Based on customer-specific documents, you will learn how to interpret and extract licensing information, and how to transform and record the data with specific naming conventions. This training also discusses potential challenges and how to handle them.

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ST05: Software Inventory Training

Learn how to develop inventory feeds and identify data sources. There are four units in this training.

ST05-1: Software Inventory Engineering I
While inventory processing is focused on control and tracking of data quality, the engineering/recognition training focuses on detailed content creation for software recognition.

ST05-2: Software Inventory Engineering II
This training deals with product recognition in detail. You will learn about pre-processors helping with product recognition and you will be provided with additional signature and rule information.

ST05-3: Software Inventory Processing and Control
Once data is successfully loaded (see: ST02: Data Management), the software inventory data gets processed. This training focuses on the interpretation of raw data, the signature coverage report, and the corresponding action of Software Inventory Clearing.

ST05-4: Software Inventory Engineering: Extended Practice Session
This is an extended practice session to enable you to do all software inventory engineering tasks without assistance.

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ST08: License Inventory Training

SAM professionals typically manage their own license inventory. Learn how to improve your process with SmartTrack. There are two units in this training.

ST08-1: License Inventory Management
Learn the process of license recording and handling. First, you will record licenses both manually and by using the import interface. Afterwards, we will discuss the different features to manage the license inventory.

ST08-2: Contract Management
What are contracts in SmartTrack and how do they help manage the license inventory? These core questions will be answered. You will learn the options in SmartTrack to set up contracts and enrollments that fit a variety of requirements.

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ST16: Specialization Training

ST16-3: LicenseControl for SAP: End User Training

The ‘LicenseControl for SAP: End User’ training enables you to work with the corresponding solution. You get to know how to perform a User Consolidation and how to simulate and optimize your current license demand which will reduces your costs.

ST21: Third Party & Partner Solutions

ST21-1: SAP System Measurement Training

The ‘SAP System Measurement’ training covers the processing of SAP usage data. It is about importing and processing the data in the solution LicenseControl for SAP, but also about how to measure the data with the audit tools USMM and LAW and transfering those data to LicenseControl for SAP. Furthermore you will learn how to configure the LC4SAP Connector to display the SAP usage data in the SmartTrack Compliance Analysis.