Knowledge Services

Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center dives deeply into how Aspera products work together and within the SAM ecosystem. It is your home for three main areas of SAM Knowledge:

  • Product Support Base: Get news and notes about Aspera product releases and patches.
  • Vendor Content Base: Get help and license guides for key vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.
  • Implementation & Configuration Base: Get help and guides for detailed use cases, such as configuring Adobe Cloud products or Microsoft Office 365.

What access do you want?

The Knowledge Center is available to all customers. The content that you see varies according to your company’s Service Plans.

Maintenance Plus: With our standard Maintenance Plan you get access to the Product Support Base. This includes product release news, technical release notes, and patch release notes.

Knowledge Plus: With our additional Service Package “Knowledge Plus” you will have have access to all areas of content are included: Product Support Base, Vendor Content Base, and Implementation & Configuration Base. In addition to the Maintenance Plus documents, you get product implementation guides, vendor support docs, license guides and audit guides.

Personalize the Knowledge Center

In addition to the content that Aspera creates, the Knowledge Center has great options to personalize your experience. Customers on either Service plan can publish their own content and design their company brand into the Knowledge Center.

  • Want to customize the information? You can store your company’s internal content in a private Knowledge area that is available only to your employees.
  • Want to keep it all very close? You can host the Knowledge Center as your own internally managed site. Learn more here