Knowledge Services

Choose Your Service Plan

All Aspera products are sold with a Maintenance plan. As a customer, you have the choice of two plans: Maintenance Plus or Knowledge Plus.

Each plan includes some level of the following services: Product Guides, Knowledge Center, Learning Universe, and Assistance & Support. Want a feature-by-feature comparison? It’s all explained here

Maintenance Plus

The Maintenance Plus plan gives you core Knowledge Services as part of your standard contract. You will benefit from the Product Support Base needed to comfortably manage your Aspera solutions, and our product guides are always available. Through Assistance & Support, you have access to our Help Desk where you can manage your support and ticket requests. In the Knowledge Center and Learning Universe, you get access to basic training and short webinars.

Knowledge Plus

The Knowledge Plus plan adds exclusive specialized services. You will benefit from a great number of extras over the standard Maintenance Plus services.

  • Vendor Content Base: Get help and license guides for key vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP.
  • Implementation & Configuration Base: Get help and guides for detailed use cases, such as configuring Adobe Cloud products or Microsoft Office 365.
  • Learning Universe: All self-paced learning is fully included and the full library of our webinars in case you’ve missed an opportunity.
  • Training Events: Get a valuable 25% discount for training sessions.
  • Product Release Meetings: For each new release or update, Premium customers can listen to our experts personally explain the key new features. Of course, all sessions are archived in the Learning Universe so you can watch them any time.

Personalize your Plan

Both Service plans have great options to personalize your experience in the Knowledge Center, Learning Universe and Support.

  • Want to customize the information? You can store your company’s internal content in a private Knowledge area that is available only to your employees.
  • Want to show your corporate brand? You can brand the training materials with your company logo and other design options.
  • Want a special kind of support? You can buy care packages to get extra consulting time and training when you need it.
  • Want to keep it all very close? You can host the Knowledge Center as your own internally managed site. Learn more here