Knowledge Services

Get in Expert Shape with Training

Do your tasks include purchasing licenses and documenting the license inventory? Are you responsible for hardware asset management, software distribution, or the server infrastructure? Do you want an overview of your topologies and license demand?

Our SAM platform, Aspera SmartTrack, supports your efforts. Our Learning Universe shows you how it’s done. The training is designed for all license management professionals including:

  • License Managers
  • Software Inventory Administrators
  • License Inventory Administrators
  • License Experts
  • Application Interface Coordinators

Upcoming training events in Europe

All training is conveniently held via WebEx. The events are typically in English and split into multiple WebEx sessions over one day. Please contact us to arrange for German or French, as well as one-on-one training that is tailored to your needs.

Personalize your training

If you are unable to attend training on the scheduled dates, we offer individual training events. These WebEx sessions can be tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Contact us!

Training Facts

As a SmartTrack customer, you have the opportunity to participate in all training events:

  • Aspera training is held in virtual classrooms, unless otherwise stated.
  • Each training is a one-day event, in multiple WebEx sessions, from 9 am to 6 pm CET.
  • The price for each training event is 490 Euro.
  • We require 3 attendees for each training event. If the training is canceled or rescheduled, you can transfer payment to an upcoming event.
  • WebEx sessions are held in English by default. Please contact your Account Delivery Manager to arrange for training in another language.
  • If you are unable to attend a scheduled training, there is a cancellation fee:

    • Up to 30 days before: A fee of 30% of booked training
    • Up to 10 days before: A fee of 50% of booked training 
    • Under 10 days: There is no reimbursement