Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP® Software

Fast analysis of SAP savings. Your shortcut to SAM.

Fast View of SAP Savings

Your shortcut to Software Asset Management for SAP licenses

Let’s face it. You know— way better than SAP does — which license types you should use and which ones you shouldn't. How can you find a balance that keeps you compliant and ensures a strong negotiation position?

With Rapid Vendor Analysis for SAP, our expert team optimizes your SAP licenses to find that balance. You get quick results that are customized to your requirements. And you don’t have to rely on SAP’s license measurement tool.

Now your biggest question is: “How high can my savings be?”

The service that customizes your SAP licenses

Here is how Rapid Vendor Analysis works. We compare your current SAP license types to a simulation of license types. Which do you currently have in your SAP account, and which should you have? Our service looks at SAP Named User, indirect use, SAP Engines, SAP Business Objects, or any of them combined.

It doesn't matter whether your team has just started to manage their SAP licenses, or whether you want to take an advanced step in Software Asset Management. The service is great for entry-level SAM or achieving your next set of goals.

Our shortcut to SAM gives you
  • Commercial analysis of your active SAP contracts
  • Technical use analysis for indirect use
  • Analysis of requirements, contracts and licenses
  • Personal meeting to discuss the analysis results
  • Development of your negotiation strategy
  • SAP experts with 100+ successful projects and 15+ years of consultation
Meet the technology behind the people

The foundation for Rapid Vendor Analysis is our industry-leading technology, License Control for SAP® Software. The service hosts a complete License Control installation on your behalf, and only for the duration of the project. You get the information that you need to negotiate a new and improved SAP contract – without installing or buying a tool.

Want to optimize your SAP licenses even more?

We can host License Control on a long-term basis, for as long as you need it.

Do you have a bigger set of goals?

Buy the License Control and we’ll install it on-premise for you. Now you have the tools to optimize your SAP licenses on a continuous basis.

Learn about the technology