Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce

Fast view of savings.
Your shortcut to SAM.

Fast View of Salesforce Savings

Rapid Vendor Analysis for Salesforce

Your shortcut to Software Asset Management in the cloud

Are your Salesforce cloud payments keeping you awake at night? Then you need transparency and expert advice to reduce your costs.

With our new vendor service, you can quickly reduce your Salesforce costs. Rapid Vendor Analysis is a complete service package that gives a full view of your cloud spending and shows you where to save.

The technology behind Rapid Vendor Analysis

The foundation for Rapid Vendor Analysis is our cloud technology, License Control for Salesforce. The service hosts a complete License Control installation on your behalf, and only for the duration of the project. You get the information that you need to clearly see your Salesforce Orgs and optimize your Salesforce costs – without installing or buying a tool.

Control your Salesforce Org licenses

Get the best of both: SAM expertise & cloud savings

Do you know what you really spend on the Salesforce cloud? Rapid Vendor Analysis shows you exactly that across all your Salesforce Orgs.

Our SAM experts create a consolidated overview of all your Orgs, accounts, and usage. Then we evaluate your usage and license situation across all Orgs and develop a customized optimization plan for your specific situation.

With our analysis service for Salesforce, you get:

  • A consolidated view of all your Salesforce Orgs, accounts, users, and usage
  • Expert cost-saving advice tailored to your specific Salesforce needs
  • The transparency and expertise you need to make these savings reality
What will you do with your Salesforce savings?

Whether you already have a SAM program in place or not, we can help you save costs.

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