SAM Expertise

SAM Knowledge Web

The SAM Knowledge Web

On-demand access to Aspera’s license management expertise and important information about Software License Management

The SAM Knowledge Web is a unique, online library of expert information about Software Asset Management (SAM), offering quick access to Aspera’s comprehensive expertise in the form of FAQ, guides, webinars, trainings, and much more. It’s expert support for your SAM program at your fingertips.


Concentrated License Management Know-how in Knowledge Center

Knowledge Center, a user-friendly, online knowledge database, is the backbone of Aspera’s SAM Knowledge Web. The comprehensive database offers easy access to know-how for “Strategic License Management.” Users will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as details on current patches to the SmartTrack platform. Particularly helpful: valuable tips and tricks for using SmartTrack.


Practical and Intuitive

Whether users need quick answers to their SmartTrack questions or assistance with new projects and software licensing, the SAM Knowledge Web offers fast and user-friendly access to all relevant information:

  • Easy-to-use key word search with sorting based on relevance
  • Intuitive navigation to search the entire knowledge database
  • Structured topics for easy orientation
  • Personalized Favorites List for important documents
  • List of last-opened documents for quick access
  • List of new entries since the last visit
  • News on special occurrences
  • A feedback function to send comments to the authors