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Get in Expert Shape with SmartTrack Training

Aspera teams with you throughout the lifecycle of your license management program. In our trainings we equip you with deep technical SmartTrack know-how, so you can efficiently manage your software assets. Our trainings are designed to your specific objectives - ensure optimal, individual success every step of the way.

Training Catered to Each Scope of Responsibility Do your tasks include purchasing licenses and documenting the license inventory? Are you responsible for the hardware asset management, for software distribution, or for the server infrastructure? Do you want to keep an overview of your topologies and their license demand? SmartTrack supports you in these and many other tasks. Our trainings show you how this is done.

Upcoming Training

Find an overview of Aspera’s Training Modules and upcoming dates here: Overview of upcoming Training Sessions

Individual Training

You can visit our Core Trainings as part of one of our regular Training Weeks in Europe. Additionally, we can create a training that is tailored to your specific needs and time constraints. Training Modules at a glance