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We teach you to become a SAM expert

Get in Expert Shape with Training

Do your tasks include purchasing licenses and documenting the license inventory? Are you responsible for hardware asset management, software distribution, or the server infrastructure? Do you want an overview of your topologies and license demand?

Aspera covers all relevant SAM topics in its trainings so that you become a SAM expert in no time! Get to know the various trainings we offer and find a date that suits you!


Get in expert shape! Our SAM platform, Aspera SmartTrack, supports your efforts. Our training shows you how it’s done. The training events are held via WebEx, split into sessions across the day, and designed for all license management professionals.

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Aspera’s expert training gives you deep technical knowledge so you can efficiently manage your software assets. From license inventory to data management, each module explains the SmartTrack platform and improves your problem solving. 

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