Knowledge Services

Knowledge Services: What you get

The Aspera team doesn't leave you once the system implementation is over. We have a rich and extensive network of Knowledge Services to keep your SAM program running smoothly. Please read on for an overview of each Service.

Product Guides

Our product guides give you a solid foundation for all Aspera applications. The guides explain the features and concepts that are relevant for everyone, including regular SAM users, license managers and technical administrators.

Of course, each guide is available in every native language that the Aspera product supports, both as online help and a printable PDF.

Maintenance Plus: Fully included  |  Knowledge Plus: Fully included

Knowledge Center

While our guides focus on each Aspera product, the Knowledge Center dives deeply into how Aspera products work together and within the SAM ecosystem.

Knowledge Center is your home for three main subjects:

  • Product Support Base: Get news and notes about Aspera product releases and patches.
  • Vendor Content Base: Get help and license guides for key vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, and SAP. 
  • Implementation & Configuration Base: Get help and guides for detailed use cases, such as configuring Adobe Cloud products or Microsoft Office 365.

Maintenance Plus: Product Support Base only  |  Knowledge Plus: Fully included

Learning Universe

While the Knowledge Center provides great documentation, our Learning Universe gives you incredible learning opportunities that are prepared by our experts.

  • Ready for a new training session? Check the schedule for new sessions led by instructors, or for virtual classroom training.
  • Want to set your own schedule? Get access to self-paced training as well as short recordings about advanced features.
  • Missed an Aspera webinar? You can browse the archives and watch the webinar recording at any time.
  • Heard about new SmartTrack features? Aspera experts explain newly released features in our Product Release meetings.

Maintenance Plus: Webinars & short training only  |  Knowledge Plus: Fully included

Assistance & Support

Still don’t see the answer you need? Our experts are always available by email, phone and support ticket. You can log and monitor your requests through the Help Desk.

Whether you need a quote from your Account Sales Manager or you have questions about a product, it’s all taken care of in one helpful place.

Maintenance Plus: Fully included  |  Knowledge Plus: Fully included

Personalize the Plan

Our Service have great options to personalize your experience in the Knowledge Center, Learning Universe and Support.

  • Want to customize the information? You can store your company’s internal content in a private Knowledge area that is available only to your employees.
  • Want to show your corporate brand? You can brand the training materials with your company logo and other design options.
  • Want a special kind of support? You can buy care packages to get extra consulting time and training when you need it.
  • Want to keep it all very close? You can host the Knowledge Center as your own internally managed site. Learn more here

Maintenance Plus: Add this to your plan  |  Knowledge Plus: Add this to your plan  

Service Plans

The core Knowledge Services are already part of your standard Maintenance Plus contract. You can add exclusive specialized services under our extended Knowledge Plus Service. What is included in each plan? It’s all explained here.