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Software Recognition for Software Asset Management

SmartTrack was designed from day one with a fully integrated software library. Shipping with almost 1.2 million products and over 4,400 vendors, this intelligent database automatically identifies your server software, cloud services, and day-to-day applications. The software recognition tells SmartTrack exactly what products you have, so you can make fast, informed decisions about enterprise licensing.

Top 3 benefits of intelligent software recognition

Knowledge is automatic, from the products you own to when their contracts renew

See a clear view of what’s installed and what’s running across your IT environment

Get business insights that inform your software and cloud buying decisions

Ready to go! CatalogPlus ships with records for

  • Over 207,000 licensable products
  • Over 1.2 million software & cloud services
  • Over 4,400 software & cloud vendors

Identify and “normalize” every piece of software

Information about your company’s software comes from many sources and devices. That brings challenges in organizing the data, such as naming conflicts, missing values, and duplicate records.

SmartTrack solves those problems automatically as its CatalogPlus library filters out unneeded details. Then it identifies every piece of software and cloud data. This software ”normalization” builds a clear view of software products used across the company, so you know what employees are using and can keep teams aligned.

Learn about rock-solid data

Automatically handle renewals and maintenance

Quickly re-up license renewals

It’s a smooth process if you upgrade to the newest version of a product when your contract hits the renewal period.

Easily track maintenance ends

If you don’t upgrade to the newest version of a product, SmartTrack knows the last version of the product you can use.

Identify all your products

Know in a few clicks exactly what you’re paying for, from basic details like vendor name to a deeper dive like language edition.

Software recognition powered by people

Our team of license experts maintains the catalog data to keep it constantly up-to-date. When software vendors modify their license rules or change their products, our Services team is on top of those updates — so you don’t have to be. We work continuously to make your SAM easier, faster, and better. Need specific vendors or rules covered? Talk with our team to find the catalog that fits your needs.

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