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Aspera CatalogPlus

Make smarter licensing decisions with unbeatable normalization & end-to-end coverage

Supercharge your product data for Software Asset Management

CatalogPlus is an intelligent database that automatically identifies your software products, so you can make fast, informed enterprise licensing decisions. Shipping with over 1 million SKUs and 3,000 vendors, the software data catalog works with our flagship SmartTrack platform to automate your software recognition, normalize your data, and protect against compliance risk.

Everything is automatic

Auto-fill features for product properties keep data consistent

Normalize 80% out-of-box

Runs accurate recognition for over 80% of a typical software inventory

Identify 90% out-of-box

Matches over 90% of your software to the correct SKUs automatically

Get a license-centric solution

When our SmartTrack platform imports raw software product data, the CatalogPlus organizes it. The catalog recognizes each product’s identifying details, and knows the relationships between the products.

Now SmartTrack can identify what is licensable software and store their rules for usage. Every attribute that comes from the CatalogPlus is relevant to understanding the license you pay for.

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Ready to go! Ships with records for

145,000+ Licensable products

Includes over 10,000 product families essential for SAM

1 Million+ PURs

All product use rights are fully researched

3,000+ vendors

Includes 50+ fully managed & optimized vendors

Ditch the spreadsheets

Dealing with software license management is a real headache for IT managers. There are enormous numbers of licenses and versions, each with very different rules and conditions.

Our CatalogPlus frees you from manual tracking and disconnected spreadsheets. The catalog centralizes all of this unconnected data and makes it available at a moment’s notice. Go ahead — make your life easier.

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Scrub your data with great normalization

Clean data is the foundation for successful SAM. And that data scrubbing depends on a great database. CatalogPlus does deep normalization, and tracks the data trifecta: discovery gathering, SKU purchases, and product use rights.

You get built-in software recognition that identifies every piece of software and license data to provide a clear, consolidated view of your assets. SmartTrack filters out what you don’t need, so you only work with reliable data that’s been fully scrubbed.

Gives end-to-end SAM integration

See exactly what you have, from the time that your raw data is imported, to the software recognition that give you immediately usable results for license compliance.

Ensures quality data for compliance

The full product name is “magically” completed for you, built from the product attributes that SmartTrack automatically recognizes, so your data is accurate and consistent.

Handles expired

SmartTrack calculates the latest product version you can use, and suggest what to do next, as it tracks maintenance information in the product records.

How it works: Attributes in action

Think of your product details like a big handful of jellybeans with a variety of flavors, colors and sizes. CatalogPlus automatically sorts your product information as separate items of data — or jellybean types — and stores those attributes structures in its powerful database.

Generate an easy top-level compliance overview or drill down as deep as you like into attributes such as vendor, product family, version, edition, platform, metric, and language. You can group or ungroup them, activate or deactivate, or type in custom attributes. The catalog puts all those details together to identify exactly what software product you have, so your licensing is correct and risk-free.

Here's what you should look for when choosing a Software Catalog:

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CatalogPlus tracks your essential data

Stock Keeping Units (SKU)Unlimited use rightsPoint value & point category
License metricLimited use rightsMaintenance type
License modelAlertsMaintenance timeframe
Update/full versionData normalizationMaintenance via contract
Downgrade rightsRule based mappingSignatures and synonyms

Supported by expert services

Our team of license experts maintains the catalog data to keep it constantly up-to-date with licensing changes from software vendors. The CatalogPlus lets us work continuously to make your SAM easier, faster, and better. Need specific vendors or rules covered? Talk with our Services team to extend the catalog to fit your needs.

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