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Make smart licensing decisions with
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Software Normalization for Software Asset Management

Call it what you want: software recognition, software normalization, data normalization, or just “following the rules.” Our software library automatically filters out unneeded information, and standardizes the product data that is kept. This builds a clear, consolidated view of software across your company, so teams are aligned and business decisions are informed.

3 Financial Benefits of Software Normalization

Be confident in contract negotiations by knowing exactly what products you paid for.

Make cost-saving business decisions about server licensing and cloud services

Reduce maintenance costs by identifying which software should be renewed

Get software recognition data that’s reliable & relevant

How do you build a solid database? With a data recognition tool that identifies and organizes every piece of software. SmartTrack extracts and imports the raw information for millions of software products.

Then the platform filters out what you don’t need, while keeping every detail that’s important for managing your software and cloud costs. It knows every vendor’s specific licensing rules, such as how they treat virtual machines, processor technology, and hardware configurations. You work with highly accurate data that gives you reliable results.

Supercharge data to supercharge teams

Get a central view of software and cloud services used across the company.

Standardize software product names so every team has the same IT language.

Let employees focus on important tasks by automating tedious database work.

Go ahead, make your life easier

  • Over 202,600 built-in rules to recognize products
  • 100s of KPIs shipped or custom built

Automatically solve software normalization challenges

  • Track the trifecta: inventory data , purchasing data (or SKUs), and product use rights (PURs).
  • Warn what data is missing for accurate license compliance
  • Run a deep software recognition to see device types, instance tags, machine images, CPU types, and regions
  • Use a platform that lets you drill down to how the results were reached
  • Resolve challenges like naming conflicts, multiple name formats, missing values, and duplicate records
  • Verify imported data automatically to trust your data points
  • Pinpoint data discrepancies in readable reports instead of reviewing log files
  • Display the status of each product record to immediately show your inventory

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