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Aspera Master Catalog

Unbeatable coverage of software rules & recognition

Centralize your data. Ditch the spreadsheets.

Dealing with software license management is a real headache for IT managers. There are enormous numbers of licenses and versions, each with very different rules and conditions.

Our Master Catalog frees you from manual tracking and disconnected spreadsheets. The catalog centralizes all of this unconnected data and makes it available at a moment’s notice. Go ahead — make your life easier.

How it works

Inventory and discovery tools store all kinds of software data. For Software License Management, however, only some of this data is needed, and it is very difficult to manually extract.

The Master Catalog sorts and verifies this essential data automatically. It’s a comprehensive database that recognizes the unique Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) for each software product and its most current licensing terms.

Our team of license experts maintains the catalog data to keep it constantly up-to-date with licensing changes from vendors. In addition, customers can individually extend the catalog to fit their specific needs.

Seamless integration with SmartTrack

The data in the Master Catalog is used for license compliance by SmartTrack, our industry-leading platform for license management. The catalog’s data records are automatically transferred to SmartTrack, and seamlessly linked to SmartTrack’s Metric Engine algorithms. That’s where your license needs — and savings potential — are calculated.

More about SmartTrack

The Master Catalog ships with future-proof features like:

  • Over 80% out-of-box normalization of a typical software inventory
  • Over 90% out-of-box matching of your software to the correct SKUs
  • Data records for more than 8,000 product families
  • Data records for 880,000 researched product use rights
  • Data records for more than 110,000 licensable products
  • Data records for nearly 2,000 vendors, 50+ fully managed & optimized

What to Watch for in Your SAM Tool’s Software and SKU Catalogs

When evaluating a SAM tool, one of the major components of any solution is the Software and SKU Catalogs, or Master Catalog. Learn how to evaluate the many different industry catalogs and select one equipped to meet your particular software licensing requirements.

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