SmartTrack license simulation

Step into the future of Software Asset Management forecasting

The breakthrough solution for deep savings in the data center

SmartTrack Simulation

Step into the future of SAM

A breakthrough in SAM forecasting

The new Simulation capabilities of Aspera Optimization & Simulation are a breakthrough in financial forecasting. These powerful tools for strategic IT forecasting give you accurate previews of the future.

The solution analyzes the best “what-if” scenarios for the best choice of license type at the best price. Current Aspera clients have already realized over seven figures of immediate savings. Look with us into your SAM financial future. SmartTrack Simulation is part of our license management platform Aspera SmartTrack.

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Your deep savings are in the sandbox

At the heart of the simulation is the new Topology Designer. Through these tools, the licenses and contracts of all device types can be planned, optimized and compared on all platforms and for every infrastructure. Unlimited "what if?" license scenarios are created real-time in a sandbox, and managed without any impact on the production environment through a node-based interface.

You can play around with the configuration, look at different topologies, and compare with the current compliance. Evaluate the licensing impact of installing SQL server on three partitions, or migrating an Oracle database from one data center to another — all in a few minutes.

Key benefits of the Simulation include:

Elevate your infrastructure

Copy an existing topology from production systems with one click. Add software, remove software, change cluster configurations, or design new partitioning on virtual machines.

Create new topologies from scratch

Play around with licensing models by simulating and comparing different scenarios. Calculate your potential compliance risk while taking existing licenses into account.

Improve cost of installationCalculate the average cost of installations for your products and instances, and identify cost-intensive issues. Then simulate changes to your contract and license inventory.
Simulate server optionsSimulate the effects of different server, virtualization, and cluster scenarios on the demand for licenses.
Simulate license options

Compare alternative license models and evaluate the financial impact of making changes.

Forecast fluidly

Drive your forecasting with calculated infrastructure changes, optimized licensing, and trend analysis.

Optimize the architecture

Recommend changes to the operational IT environment to reduce the demand for licenses.

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